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If you would like DVD copy of the WTC 9/11/04 footage I made or DVDs of 9/11: The President's Story or 9/11: Pentagon Under Fire or many of the items listed below contact me. Money goes to keeping the site going.
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I am a pilot and have flown a private plane within 500 ft of the Twin Towers as well as going up to the observation deck on the South Tower and feel privileged that I had those chances. After 9/11/01 stupid talk (and later action) started about removing the WTC from films that were in production. I then started to make a list of those films and then added to it every time I saw the towers in videos, movies because I wanted to start a web page that covered all media appearances. Since I collect Music Videos from the 80s I have noticed many, many videos have shots of the WTC. Now the recent videos shot from the same places don't even look like NYC without the WTC there. This site has been online since January 2002.
If you see any references I don't have and can send any SCANS, please email me
Liberty's Tears painting I completed on 10/11/01
9/9/01 Last close-up photo of the Antenna on the North Tower by Gerald Coppola

Recent Updates

Please note: I have been diagnosed with severe health problems, so if someday the site stops getting updated that is why.

3/13/10 - The very opening Scan of Digable Planets music video "Dial 7" starts on the WTC with a cryptic message "audio surveillance: Lower Manhattan." 

324 Items Total (and many more to come)


Title Year Reference
A View from Above 1991 By Wilt Chamberlin. Has the WTC on the cover.
The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands 1991 By Stephen King - Pg 350 Blaine the Mono asks Eddie Dean to prove he came from New York and he yells out things including the WTC. Cover
The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah 2004 By Stephen King - Pg 338 Jake and Father Callahan go to the WTC in 1999 to put Black 13 in a basement coin operated storage where it will be safe. It's not like the buildings will fall down. In the afterward King mentions there were no lockers in real life. Cover
Dry: A Memoir 2003 By Augusten Burroughs - He mentions living in Battery Park across from the Towers and  said they looked "impossibly huge". Cover
The Executioner - Judas Kill 1999 #244 by Don Pendleton features the WTC on the Cover.
Give Yourself Goosebumps #2  1995 "Tick Tock, Your Dead!" In the first paragraph the WTC is mentioned. Scan
Great Cities - New York 1977 by Anthony Burgess - with a great shot of the WTC. Scan
Mazes and Monsters 1982 by Rona Jaffe - Pg 219-20 - the 3 friends go to the WTC to look for Robbie and quickly realize no one would let him in an office, so they leave. Then they wander around and decide to go back and go up to Windows on the World with fake IDs to drink alcohol. That's it. The movie makes the WTC the major scene of Robbie flipping out. Cover
Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing 2000 by Ted Conover. On page 88, "He told me about a few of his inmates. Two had murdered policemen, and one supposedly was set to inherit a chunk of the World Trade Center, but had murdered his brother." Cover
NYC Harbor Festival Program 1977 Official program has a great WTC shot in the middle. Cover
Red Hook 2001 By Gabriel Cohen - he describes both Towers as being cold looking. Cover
11 Total    

Comic Books

Title Year Reference
Disney Finland 1990 In 'Der Arme alte Mann von Manhattan' Scrooge dreams how he will make money when he owns Manhattan - more taxes. In the second scan he wants to take the towers to make popcorn inside because it can hold so much.  01 02
Kazar the Savage 5/83 #26 Features a photo cover background with the WTC. Scan
Marvel Two-in-One  4/79 #50 in an alternate universe there's a half destroyed WTC under Nazi control. Scan
Marvel Two-in-One  1/80 #59 features a fire at the WTC and the Thing is shown climbing a tower. Scan
Mortadelo & Filemon 1993 French comic with an extremely eerie image of a plane crashed into the WTC in nearly the exact place the first plane hit. Scan
Rebel 1986 One shot collection by Pepe Moreno. Takes place in New York 2002. One of the WTC towers has been destroyed and now a skinhead gang control the other and has prisoners. Rebel takes the other tower down with van full of explosives underneath. This has to be the eeriest reference ever as it PREDATES the 1993 bombing which copies it. Scan
Spidey Super Stories 8/76 #18 has a now eerie cover of the Kingpin crushing the WTC with his hands. The first known image of the towers destruction. Scan
Transformers 12/90 #298 takes place in 2009 and the WTC is demolished with Rodimus Prime hung between what's left of the towers. The first known image of no WTC in the future. Scan
Wonder Woman 9/76 #225's Cover has black lightning hitting the WTC. Scan
X-Force Joins Spiderman 11/91 #16 inside features one the eeriest WTC reference of all time. A bombing blows the top off one of the towers. Scan
10 total    


Title Year Reference
Bacardi Limon 1998 Full back cover ad featuring a now eerie dancing WTC. Scan
FHM 10/00 Has an interview with NYPD Scuba diver Steve Bienkowski and a picture of him in the Hudson River with the WTC behind him. Scan
Fortune 12/7/87 The WTC is on the cover like a dollar sign. Scan
Levi's 2001 Silvertab jeans ad features a man on a roof looking across the river toward the WTC. Scan


Title Year Reference
Artmin T-Shirt 1990s Black shirt with horribly gaudy gold tiled WTC skyline. Scan
Chock Full O' Nuts 70s-04 New York Decaf coffee can w/WTC, now removed. Scan
Fleet Week 2nd Annual Poster 1989 The WTC is prominent on the upper left corner. Scan
I Love New York Badge 1980 The WTC on this wall hanger is smaller than the Empire State Building. Scan
Illuminati: New World Order 1995 Collectible Card Game (CCG) has a disturbing pre 9/11 image of one of a pair of generic twin towers blowing up near the top on the Terrorist Nuke card. Scan
Looney Tunes Mug 1997 Features 11 WB characters in New York with WTC behind them. Scan
Manhattan T-shirt 1990s Gray shirt with NYC skyline & the WTC. Scan
Nick at Nite Poster 1990s Lucille Ball as the Statue of Liberty with WTC behind her. Scan
NYC Harbor Festival Poster 1982 Beautiful art with a dragon above the WTC. Scan
NYC Harbor Festival Poster 1983 Beautiful art with fireworks around the WTC. Scan
NYC Harbor Festival Poster 1985 Beautiful art with sailboats & old planes around the WTC. Scan
Statue of Liberty Shaped Puzzle 2000 by F.X. Schmid #78006, 1000 pcs. WTC in statue. Scan
Tow Truck with Snow Plow 1996 Sunoco Gas Station toy has the WTC on the box. Scan
World Series Pin 2000 New York Yankees vs. NY Mets Subway Series has the WTC in the background. Scan
13 Total    


Title Year Reference
1986 World Series - Mets vs. Red Sox 1991 The official MLB highlight film shows pieces about each teams' city and there's a shot of Lenny Dykstra running to make a catch with the WTC superimposed behind. Scan
Cityscape Restoration Corp. 2000 The WTC is on this old store sign from a PA company long gone. Scan
The Dragon Over Hackensack 1985 Poem by Richard L. Wexelblat 
The dragon, flattered or annoyed by all this attention, reversed course and flew off
Out of sight in the direction of Long Island pausing only to eat the top 50 feet off the leftmost of the two World Trade Center Towers. The Pentagon ignored the report on the incident
HBO 2000 On their home video releases they had a minute NY footage with the WTC as their trademark before the film. Scan
Hercules Laundry 2000 A NY key card to use the laundry features the WTC in the skyline. Scan
Manhattan Computer Products 1990s The company logo had a NYC skyline with the WTC. Scan
Maxell XLII-S Cassette 1993 TV commercial has the WTC at night behind the audio tape. Scan
Rolling Memorial 2003 18 wheeler painted with the names of all the 9/11 victims. Scan
Tom's Cleaners 2000s Brooklyn NY shop that has the WTC on its' awning. Scan
Troma 2005 30th Anniversary intro screen on their DVDs features the NYC skyline. Scan
WABC Radio 770 AM 90s- Silver NYC  studio wall logo features the WTC. Scan
11 Total    


Title Year Reference
The 10th Kingdom 2000 The WTC is reflected in the water on the DVD cover. DVD
A.I. Artificial Intelligence 2001 Shows the towers in the future 25% under water. Scan
Above the Rim 1994 The WTC is on VHS & DVD cover. VHS
All 4 the Money 2002 The WTC is seen right away in this obscure film. Scan
Antz 1998 The WTC is pictured on the original VHS + DVD cover. In Jan 2003 the cover was changed and sadly the towers are now gone. DVD
Armageddon 1998  Features a very eerie shot of one of the towers on fire. Now it is so fake after seeing it for real.
As Good as it Gets 1997 At 1:04 Carol's bus driver by the WTC at night. Scan
Back to the Future Part 2 1989 The WTC is seen in the Machine Screen in the year 2015 at 29min. Scan
Bait 1999 Lots of daytime WTC shots from the sky and from the ground.
Big Daddy 2000 Features NYC skyline shots with the WTC.
The Bone Collector 1999 The WTC is seen at night 5 minutes in. Scan
Bonfire of the Vanities 1990 The film opens on a time lapse shot of NYC with the WTC in the distance. Scan
Born to Win 1971  The WTC is on some DVD & VHS covers even though construction wasn't complete in 1971. DVD Back
Bronx Executioner 1989 Matrix style cover of a futuristic NYC with the WTC on bottom. DVD
Cat's Eye  1985 When the cat is on the boat you can see the WTC.
Chains of Gold 1991 The WTC is on the VHS cover. Scan
Chasing Amy 1997 At 1:00 The WTC is seen in a sunset shot. Scan
The Children of Times Square 1986 The film opens on the WTC and after the intro song and credits closes on the WTC. 01 02
Cocktail 1988 The WTC is seen in NYC skyline shots - day and night
Communion 1989 The WTC is on the VHS cover & possibly the poster. Scan
Couch in New York 1997  Cover has a downtown NYC skyline with the WTC in the distance. DVD
The Cowboy Way 1994 WTC is on the VHS/DVD box by Woody on his horse. Scan
Crocodile Dundee 1986 Has many NYC skyline shots - day and night. Also the video cover & poster has the WTC as the first building that Dundee is parting like grass. VHS Scan
Crocodile Dundee II 1988 Has NYC skyline shots over the credits.
Daylight 1998 The WTC is seen in the skyline day + night.
The Daytripper 1996 The WTC is on the VHS cover. Scan
Deep Impact 1998 NYC skyline is hit with a tidal wave and only WTC top sticks out of the water.
The Devil's Own 1997 Rory Devaney is in awe of the towers upon first seeing them when he arrives in NYC from Ireland.
Die Hard: With a Vengeance - Die Hard 3 1995 Zeus looks up at the WTC while driving, Simon looks down with a tower behind him and John and Zeus run away from the WTC all bloody. 01  02  03  04 
Dirty Work 1992 The WTC is on the VHS box. Scan
Dorian 2003 There is a flashback to 1980 NYC and the WTC is seen in the day and then it jumps to 1990 and it is seen in the day in a long shot and then at night. 1980 1990 Day 1990 Night
Don't Say a Word 2001 WTC is seen.
Double Platinum 2000 Set in NYC and the WTC is on the DVD cover. DVD
Dudes 1987 30 seconds in there's a nighttime WTC shot. Scan
Eat and Run 1986 A WTC drawing is on the old VHS box. Cover
End of Days 1999 Has day and night WTC skyline shots.
Enemy Territory 1987 Has a nighttime WTC shot on the VHS box. Cover
Entrapment 1999 Has nighttime WTC skyline shots.
Escape From New York 1981 Takes place in the future of 1997 with a glaring error. Wile flying in the antennae is clearly seen on the north tower, but when Snake's glider lands on the roof of the WTC it is gone. In #2 the altitude is listed as 175, but if measured from the ground it would be 1400, in the future it seems it is measured from the target.  1 - Incoming w/antennae 2 - Computer graphics 3 - Over the roofs 4 - Final approach 5 - Over the edge
Family Man 2000 The WTC is on the poster, DVD and in the film. DVD
Fever 1999 The WTC is on the poster. Scan
Friday The 13th Part  8 1989 The WTC can be seen at night from the boat.
Full Disclosure 2001 The WTC is in the opening credits 2 minutes in. Scan
Ghostbusters 1984 The WTC is on the DVD and in skyline shots in the film. DVD
Ghostbusters 2 1989 The WTC is on the DVD and in skyline shots in the film. DVD
Godspell 1973 Song "All For the Best" was performed on the roof of the WTC right before it was finished.
Godzilla 1998 The WTC is in many skyline shots.
Godzilla vs. Megalon 1976 The US movie poster & VHS features the monsters on the newly completed WTC. First released in Japan in 1973. Scan
Gotham 1988 The WTC is on the front & side of the VHS. Scan
Gone But Not Forgotten 2002 DVD Documentary of recently dead musicians has the WTC on cover. DVD
Goose Boxer/Tiger Over Wall 2003 Kung Fu DVD 2 pack has the WTC on the front and back. Scan of covers
Hellraiser III 1992 The WTC is on the Canadian DVD cover. DVD
Hercules in New York 1970 Arnold Schwarzenegger's embarrassing first film was made before the WTC was finished, but on the 2000 release the WTC is featured on the video covers - whoops! VHS
Highlander 1987 The WTC can be seen from Connor's store. Scan
Highlander: Endgame 2000 Flashes back to the first film and the NYC shots.
Home Alone 2: Lost in NY 1992 Kevin McCallister goes to the WTC and up to the observation deck. 01 02 03
Independence Day 1996 The WTC is seen in skyline when the mother ship hovers over NYC.
Island of the Dead 2000 The opening shot comes up the Hudson River toward the WTC. Scan
I, the Jury 1982 The film opens with a twilight shot of the WTC. Scan
Kicked in the Head 1997 The WTC is on the poster & DVD/VHS covers. DVD
King Kong 1976 Kong climbs up one tower at the end. The video cover art shows Kong standing on top of both towers which wasn't in the film. DVD
The Kissing Place 1990 The WTC is on the VHS cover. VHS
The Ladies Man 2000 One tower is featured on the poster & video. DVD
Lady Iron Monkey/Eagle Fist 2002 Kung Fu DVD 2 pack has the WTC on the front and back. Covers
The Linguini Incident 1991 The film opens on the WTC at night from across the river. Scan
Lionheart 1990 The WTC is in the trailer. Scan
Little Nicky 2000 The WTC is on the poster and video covers. VHS
Lonely in America 1991 The WTC can be seen when Arun is on the Brooklyn Bridge - film & trailer. Scan
Loving 1970 One character visits the WTC site under construction.
The Maid 1991 Opens on a shot of the WTC. Scan
Mary and Rhoda 2000 Near the beginning the WTC is seen as Mary returns to NYC. It is also prominently featured on the DVD menu. 01 02
Manhattan 1979 The "H" in the title is the WTC on all releases. Poster
Manhattan Baby 1984 This Fulchi film has the WTC on the cover of the single disc release and his Collection V2 - both slightly different. DVD Covers  
Maximum Risk 1996 The WTC is on the poster and video release. DVD
Mazes and Monsters 1982 Robbie goes to the WTC and up to the observation deck.
Men in Black 1997 Shows the NYC skyline.
Men in Black II 2002 The final battle took place at the WTC and was removed because of 9/11.
The Money Pit 1986 Around 2 minutes in the WTC is seen from a distance. Scan
Moonstruck 1987 The WTC is on the poster and video. VHS
Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD 1998 Features the WTC from the air.
New York Nights 1983 The WTC is on the cover. VHS
The film opens on the WTC at night. Scan
Around 2 minutes in the WTC is seen with a ferry. Scan
14 minutes in the WTC is seen in the day for over a minute with a blimp flying nearby. Scan
The film concludes on the WTC. Scan
New York Stories 1989 A woman's face floats above the WTC and gives a speech.
Nighthawks 1981 The Goodtimes DVD cover has the WTC on it. DVD
Nosebleed 1999 Remains unfilmed. The premise was a window washer at the WTC learns about a terrorist plot to blow up the towers. His sidekick/romantic lead was to be a waitress from Windows on the World.
The Object of My Affection 1998 The WTC is on the poster and videos. DVD
Oliver & Company 1988 Features animated WTC shots.
Oxygen 1999 The WTC is in the opening shots.
Paternity 1981 The intro pans across Manhattan with the WTC. Later Buddy & Maggie ride on a boat with the WTC behind them. 01 02
The Pickle 1993 The WTC is on the video cover. VHS
The Pope of Greenwich Village 1984 The WTC is on the poster. In one scene Paulie and Charlie are eating lunch with the WTC in the background. Poster
Q - The Winged Serpent 1982 The first second of film has the WTC in the distance. Scan
Restaurant 1998 The film and the trailer both start with shots of the WTC. Scans
Rhinestone 1994 The film opens from a helicopter around the Statue of Liberty, then shows the WTC. Scan
Rock Star 2001 Had the WTC in the trailer, but was cut from final film.
Rumble in the Bronx 1994 The WTC is on the poster and video covers. VHS
Sensational Cities - New York  2000 Hosted by James Woods with the WTC on the cover. VHS
Serendipity 2002 The WTC was removed from all shots.
Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D 1991 The WTC is on the cover and in the film. VHS
Sidewalks of New York 2001 Featured the WTC on the poster, but it was changed to the Empire State Building for the video release. Poster
The Siege 1998 The WTC is shown twice on the box. The film is chilling since terrorists blow up a building in NY and the WTC is seen with flames behind it on the video box. DVD
Snake Eater 1989 The WTC is on the DVD cover. DVD
The Soldier 1982 The WTC is seen from helicopter at the end. Scan
Special Effects 1984 The WTC is on the VHS cover. Scan
Spider-man 2002 Trailer + teaser poster shows Spidey on the WTC. The trailer shows a helicopter caught in a web between the WTC. The WTC was removed from skyline shots in the film. The poster was recalled making it a hot collectible. Poster Trailer
Splash 1982 The WTC is in many shots as well as the poster and original video releases. DVD + VHS Cover
The Squeeze 1987 The Poster & VHS has a now disturbing shot of Michael Keaton getting crushed between the WTC as it cracks. Poster
Squeeze 1997 The WTC is on the DVD cover. Scan
Stag 1997 There is a shot of a helicopter flying over the WTC. Scan
Straight Out of Brooklyn 1991 The WTC is on the poster and VHS, but was removed from the DVD. VHS
Stuart Little 2 2002 The WTC was removed from the film.
Supergirl 1984 An early video cover shows her flying with the WTC in the background. VHS
Superman 1978 The WTC can be seen in many flying shots.
Superman II 1979 On the poster, VHS & DVD the eerie picture shows the NYC skyline on fire. Poster
The Time Machine 2002 The WTC was removed from the film during a scene where meteors would fall on NYC.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 The WTC is in the skyline.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of Ooze 1991 The WTC is in the skyline.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III 1993 The WTC is in the skyline.
The Tomorrow Man 2001 WTC is on the top & bottom of the cover. DVD
Toxic Avenger 1985 The WTC is in the skyline.
Toxic Avenger Part II 1989 The WTC is in the skyline.
Toxic Avenger Part III: Last Temptation of Toxie 1989 The WTC is in the skyline.
Trading Places 1983 Dan Akroyd and Eddie Murphy pass right by the WTC on foot and there are also aerial shots.
Two of a Kind 1983 Takes place in and around NYC with a few shots of the WTC.
Two Ninas 2001 Has the WTC on the cover. DVD
The Ultimate Warrior 1975 Opens on a future that won't exist, 2012 with the WTC. Scan
Vanilla Sky 2001 Tom Cruise has a scene a roof with the WTC in the BG.
Wall Street 1987 Skyline and close-up of the WTC in the credits.
Who's That Girl 1987 Features WTC skyline in the day at the beginning of the film.
The Wiz 1978 The #1 WTC appearance! The yellow brick road leads to the WTC. When they arrive there is a huge dance number between the towers where it goes from green, to red, to yellow. The WTC is also in the trailer and the DVD featurette. Green, WTC w/speakers, Red, Yellow
Working Girl 1988 Skyline shots both night and day of the WTC.
X-Men 2000 During the fight at the Statue of Liberty the WTC can be seen behind it at night.
Year of the Dragon 1985 There is a great shot from the WTC from the reporter's house across the river. Scan
Zombie (Zombi 2) 1979 Features a few skyline shots showing the WTC.
Zoolander 2001 The WTC was removed from skyline shots.
133 total    


Title Year Reference
2x5 1980 Marty Thau Presents - NY Punk Compilation. LP Cover
70 Years of Broadway 1994 6 volume series that has the WTC in the NYC from the Brooklyn side, except the picture is reversed. CD Cover
101 Strings 1997 The Magic of Broadway has a photo of the WTC on the cover. Scan
Bacon Brothers 1999 The Getting There CD cover has the WTC on the front and back plus on a t-shirt & sweatshirt of it. Scans
Beastie Boys 2004 The CD cover for To the 5 Boroughs features the WTC in a drawing of the NYC skyline. CD Cover
Blackstreet 1999 The CD cover "Finally" has the NYC skyline on it. CD Cover
Blondie 1981 The Best of Blondie music video collection on VHS opens on a shot of the WTC. Scan
Bone Machine 1996 The CD cover "Disappearing Inc." is now extremely eerie with a Logan's Run look to NYC with the WTC falling over and cracking. It will never be re-released. CD Cover
Bruce Springsteen 1984 Darlington County lyrics:
Girl you're looking at two big spenders
Why the world don't know what me and Wayne might do
Our pa's each own one of the World Trade Centers
For a kiss and a smile I'll give mine all to you
Busta Rhymes 1998 All too disturbing CD cover for his "Extinction Level Event (The Final World Front)" shows NYC on fire. CD Cover
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1997 "Live from 6A" has the WTC on the cover. CD Cover
Corona 1994 "The Rhythm of the Night" single has a nice shot of the WTC at night for the cover. Scan.
The Coup 2001 Eerie banned cover of "Party Music" shows the duo creating an explosion on the WTC right near where the real one happened. This was done months before 9/11. Scan
Dream Theater 2001 "Live Scenes from NY" shows an apple in barbwire with the NYC skyline burning. Ironically it was released on 9/11/01, recalled soon after and the art was replaced. Scan
Frank Ferrucci 1982 On the back of Jewel Eyes LP he's standing with the WTC behind him. Scan
Godspell 1973 The LP/CD cover was taken on the roof of WTC right before it was finished. Would you've wanted to stand near the edge without a railing? Scan
I am the World Trade Center 2001-4 This band released their first CD a couple months before 9/11. For a time after they changed their name to "I am the World" but changed it back in 02. The cover of their first CD "Out of the Loop" had the name and cover art changed. Scan
Inner City Hustlers  7/24/01 "Time to Explode" has generic twin towers hit with a bomb and surrounded by fire. Now nearly impossible to find. Scan
Jimmy Eat World 7/18/01 Their CD Bleed American was renamed after 9/11 to Jimmy Eat World and the song Bleed American was changed to Salt Sweat Sugar. Scan
Led Zeppelin 1976 "The Song Remains the Same" LP and VHS feature the WTC in the skyline at night.
The Manhattan Transfer 1997 "Boy from New York City and Other Hits" CD cover has the WTC. Scan
New York Voices  1993 "What's Inside" has the WTC on the upper left corner. Scan
Notorious B.I.G 1993 "Juicy" features the line 'Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade' in reference to the 93 bombing.
Overkill 1995 "Wrecking Your Neck - Live" has a drawing of the NYC skyline featuring the WTC. Scan
Over the Brooklyn Bridge 1984 Soundtrack album features a photo with the WTC behind the bridge. Scan
Saturday Night Live 1999 25 Years of Music Performances V1 cover has the WTC in the background. Scan
Spirit - A Journey in Dance Drums and Song 1995 The intro to Urban Overture has the WTC over the stage. Scan
Stray Cats 1981 "Down Town" the Japanese 45rpm 7" single has the WTC in the BG. Scan
Supertramp 1979 Breakfast in America LP cover has the NYC skyline made out of plates and cups with the WTC. Scan
The Wizard of Oz in Concert 1996 A Benefit Performance for the Children's Defense Fund Lincoln Center NY. CD Cover
29 total    

Music Videos

Title Year Reference
50 Cent 1999 In "Life's On The Line" the WTC is behind 50. Scan
AC/DC 1985 In "Shake Your Foundations" after their bar collapses the WTC is behind them. Scan
Adrian Belew 1981 "Big Electric Cat" starts out with a drawing of the WTC then  the photo fills in and two cat's eyes come up and over them in the sky. 
Al B Sure! 1988 "Nite & Day" features multiple WTC shots in the day and night. B/W Scan 
Babyface 1990 "Whip Appeal" features the WTC at night.
Bananarama 1983 "Cruel Summer" has the girls across the river from the WTC at the beginning and the end. Scan
Belfegore 1984 "All That I Wanted" has people running the whole time and one man falls with a WTC tower behind him. Scan 1  2  3  4  5
Billy Squier 1986 "Love is the Hero" starts with a fast shot heading toward the WTC. Scan
Blondie 79-80 1. 1979s Union City Blue has a quick helicopter shot of the WTC. Scan
2. 1980s Heart of Glass opens and closes on the WTC at night from the air. End Scan
Bob Seger 1991 "Fire Inside" has shots of the WTC from the ferry going by on the river.
Cameo  1986 "Candy" shows the marquee in Times Square reading "At the World Trade Center" behind the band. Scan
Concert for New York 10/01 The Who play "Won't get Fooled Again" and on each side of the stage is a giant replica of a WTC tower. During the song aerial clips are shown of the WTC on a screen behind the band.
The Cult 1989 "Edie (Ciao Baby)" was shot in NY and features skyline shots.
Darlene Love 1991 All Alone on Christmas features a shot of the WTC from Home Alone 2. Scan
Depeche Mode 1990 "Enjoy the Silence" - the French version has the band playing on the WTC observation deck. I could do 100 scans, but the best one is of Dave with the antenna behind him. Scan
Digable Planets 1995 "Dial 7" starts right on the WTC with a cryptic message "audio surveillance: Lower Manhattan." Scan
Eric B + Rakim 1984 "Microphone Fiend" features the group in several shots with the WTC behind them at night.
Enuff Z Nuff 1989 "Fly High Michelle" has 5 WTC Towers glued together in one shot. Reminds me of those 9/11 rebuild the WTC in the shape of a middle finger pic. There are also WTC shots at the end.
Fat Joe 1993 "Flow Joe" is shot in the Bronx by the river and has a quick angled shot of the WTC. Scan
The Firm 1997 "Firm Biz" opens with a great helicopter shot of Manhattan with the sun hitting the WTC. Scan
Freedy Johnston 9/94 "Bad Reputation" has a couple of shots with a girl in big shoes sitting with the WTC back in the distance. Scan
Guns N' Roses 1988 "Paradise City" concert footage was taped at the Meadowlands NJ and shots of the band getting there by boat have the NYC skyline behind them with the WTC.
Gwar 1992 "Gor Gor" - In the beginning Sleazy stands in front of a fake BG of the NYC skyline with the WTC. The same BG is used multiple times afterwards. Scan
Hall & Oates 1980s 1. The 1983 "Say it isn't So" video eerily ends on a shot of the WTC at night.
2. The July 4, 1985 Liberty Concert was filmed right across from the WTC and can be seen many times during the concert.
Huey Lewis + the News 1984 "The Heart of Rock and Roll" starts out in NY and features a few WTC shots.
Hulk Hogan 1984 "I am a Real American" has WTC is in the background when the Hulkster is playing the guitar.
Isley/Jasper/Isley 1985 "Caravan of Love" has groups of people working their way through NYC to find the band playing in a park. One shot shows the WTC in the background.
James Brown 1986 "Living in America" starts with a shot on the WTC.
Jay-Z 1997 "Dead Presidents" shows Jay getting into a car with WTC in the distance and rapping within a block of the WTC. It ends with a shot of the sun setting right behind the WTC. 01 02 03
Jay-Z/Blackstreet 1998 "The City is Mine" shows the WTC behind Blackstreet. Scan
Jay-Z/Memphis Bleek/Beanie Sigel 2/99 "More Money, More Cash, More Hoes (Remix)" has scenes from the movie "The Corruptor" including a WTC shot. Scan
Jeffrey Osborne 1983 "Stay With Me Tonight" starts with a quick pull back with the WTC far in the distance. Scan
Jimi Hendrix 1981 "Crosstown Traffic" features shots of NY including the WTC.
John Lennon 1985 In "Jealous Guy" there is footage of John on a boat in the river with the WTC behind him.
Joni Mitchell 1988  In "My Secret Place" during the line mentioning she was from NY an animated outline of the WTC appears.
Lene Lovich 1982 In "Blue Hotel" she talks through a palm viewer with her bandmate who is on Liberty Island. 01 02 03 04
Limp Bizkit 2000 "Rollin" was filmed on the WTC observation deck. 01 02
Living Color 1987 "Open Letter To a Landlord" has the WTC in the BG while the song goes: "You can tear a building down, but you can't erase a memory." Prophetic.
Madonna 84-98 1. 1984s "Like a Virgin" opens with the WTC, but it is very dark. Scan
2. 1986s "Papa Don't Preach" features many WTC shots and ends on a shot of them.
3. 1998s "Ray of Light" has a fast nighttime WTC shot. Scan
Marianne Faithful 1982  In her remake of the 1964 "As Tears Go By" Marianne is taking the Ferry into NYC from NJ and the WTC is far in the background.
Marilyn McCoo 1991 "Did We Forget About Love" D: Fernando Bandera starts on the WTC. Scan
Mary J. Blige 10/99 "Your Child" D: Bille Woodruff - has Mary's face imposed on the NYC skyline with a big shot of the WTC at the end. Scan
Mason Ruffner 1987  "Dancin' on Top of the World" is filmed on the WTC observation deck.
Method Man 1998 "Judgment Day" is an apocalyptic nightmare near NYC. Scan
Mick Jagger 1987 "Let's Work" has the WTC behind a priest, joggers and firefighters as they go under a freeway overpass. 01 02 03
New Edition 1983 "Is This the End" takes place in NYC and features the WTC briefly.
Notorious B.I.G. 199 "Biggie" has a photo of him with the WTC behind him. Scan
Nuclear Assault 1989 "Brainwashed" - At the end the boys are sitting on benches across the river from the WTC.
Olivia Newton-John 1984 "Twist of Fate" features scenes around the WTC.
Patti LaBelle 1980s 1. In "Stir it Up" fans are running through NYC and heading to where Patti is playing. One girl is shown under the Brooklyn Bridge in the beginning with the WTC in the background.
2. In her duet with Michael McDonald "On My Own" there is a shot from a top of the Brooklyn Bridge with the WTC at the end. Scan
Pet Shop Boys  1985-9 1. In 1985's "Opportunities" there is a light blue digital image of the towers in the background. 01 02
2. In 1999's "New York City Boy" there are multiple shots of the boy looking in and around NYC with the WTC shown.
Phil Collins 1985 "Take Me Home" has Phil go around the world including NYC under the Brooklyn Bridge with the WTC behind. Scan
Powerstation 1986 "Some Like it Hot" features WTC still shots with animation. The first one is very eerie since it features fighter planes shooting each other down in front of the towers.
Public Enemy 1994 "Give it Up" has the group going down a street close to the WTC. Scan
Quicksand 1993 On the industry only VHS tape Metal Vision V38, Walter Schreifels introduces the music video for "Fazer" on top of a roof with the WTC in the background. Scan
Randy Newman 1983 "I Love LA" starts out with a shot of the WTC at night. Scan
Ray Parker Jr. 1984 "Ghostbusters" features helicopter shots from the film that show the NYC skyline and the WTC with ghosts flying by.
Reba McEntire 1997 "What If" features a helicopter shot of the WTC after the 1993 bombing. Scan
Richie Havens 1980s "I Don't Wanna Know" starts out with a beautiful shot on the WTC across the river as the sun is coming up.
Ryan Adams 2001 "New York, New York" features shots throughout of the WTC that were filmed on 9/7 the Friday before 9/11. Disclaimer  01  02  03  04
Savatage 1989 "Gutter Ballet" takes place in NYC and the WTC in the skyline is shown at night.
Sigue Sigue Sputnik 1986 In "Love Missile F1-11" the WTC can be seen.
Stevie Wonder 1985 "Part Time Lover" has the WTC at night right at the end.
Stray Cats  1983 "I Won't Stand in Your Way" is supposed to be set in the 50s, but there are shots of a girl walking across the river at night with the WTC in the background - d'oh!
Tangier 1989 "On the Line" opens with an angled shot right on the WTC from across the river where they look almost like one building. Scan
Tina Turner 1984 In "What's Love Gotta Do with it" Tina prances around NYC and the WTC is the first thing seen. The next shot shows her by the Brooklyn Bridge near the WTC. Scan
Tom Tom Club 1982 "Genius of Love" features an animated WTC.
Wu-Tang Clan 1997 "Triumph" features quick day shots of WTC in the beginning. It ends at night with the Wu-Tang logo over them. Scan
72 Total    


Title Year Reference
Ancient Prophecies 1994 TV special hosted by David McCallum claims prophets spoke of the destruction of NYC and they include the 1993 WTC bombing as proof. Scan
Archie Bunker's Place 1979-83 Features a New York poster on the wall of the bar, near the pinball machine, with the WTC and the WTC can be seen in the distance in the end credits.
Barney Miller 1975-82 The WTC is visible in the opening and closing credits of episodes from seasons 2-8. Scan
The Chris Rock Show 1997-00 The WTC is shown behind Chris on V1+2 of the VHS + DVD covers. DVD V1+2  
CNBC Talk Live 2/93 The set has the WTC in the background. Scan
Late Night with Conan O'Brien 1993-4 In the first couple of years the WTC was in the set background. Scan
Cops 1991-01 1. New Jersey episodes have an intro that starts and ends with the WTC #317, 319-22. 1991 Intro Police car
2. U.S. Marshal's Service Special - the WTC is seen 5 times. #414. 2/7/92
3. NYC Subway Special - 4 shots of the WTC. #637. 1/1/94
4. NYC 1 - WTC in day. #733. 10/20/94
5. NYC 2 starts with a daytime shot of the WTC and the eerie part is the first call is at 9:11 AM and is for an officer down. #734. 10/20/94
6. NYC 3 ends with a shot of the WTC at night. #735. 11/5/94
7. NYC 4 - over credits - WTC at night helicopter shot. #736. 11/12/94
8. Jersey City the WTC is at the end. #1328. 2/10/01 (after 9/11 they added a disclaimer about the shows being filmed before 9/11 in case we couldn't figure that out.)
Dream On 1992-93 1. "What Women Want" has a nighttime shot in the intro. 8/10/92 Scan
2. "Come and Knock on Our Door" has a couple daytime shots in the intro. 3/1/93 (Aired less than a month and a half after the 93 bombing) Scan
Gary the Rat 2003 The banner on the website for the show still featured the WTC. Scan
Go Ahead and Jump 1954 Episode of Four Star Playhouse. The 2003 DVD release of this 50 year old show has the WTC on the cover! Scan
Howard Stern Channel 9 Show 10/12/91 During his 'Larrey King' sketch the background has the WTC. Scan
Howard Stern's Miss America  12/20/95 This E! Channel Special goes to NYC with a shot of the WTC. Scan
I Love the 90's Part Deux 1/18/05 Ep 1991 features Wilt Chamberlin's A View from Above book w/WTC on cover.
The Jeffersons 1974 The intro to the show in the first season shows a rare shot of the WTC before it was finished.
Lone Gunman 2001 The pilot episode actually features a sub plot about a remote controlled plane flying into the WTC.
Miami Vice 1989 In "Too Much, Too Late" when the girl calls her aunt Valerie in NYC they show a shot of the WTC at night.
Night Court 1982-91 The opening and closing of the theme song has WTC night shots. Opening  Closing
The Odd Couple 1970-5 An early episode shows Felix and Oscar at the WTC site under construction
The Simpsons 1997 In "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson" - Barney steals Homer's car and it winds up in between the WTC towers. Homer goes up both towers to use the bathroom up near the top. This episode has been edited in post 9/11 reruns. Usually the shot of people yelling at each other from one tower to the other is removed.
The Sopranos 1999 The intro to seasons 1-3 shows the NYC skyline. Season 4 removes the towers.
Taxi 10/28/82 "Sceneskees From A Marriage Part 2" starts out with a shot of the NYC skyline at night. Scan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 The WTC is in the skyline.
The Wayans Bros. 1995-9 The intro has 3 different WTC shots. 01 02 03
WNET New York 1989  The PBS TV station Logo featured the WTC. Scan
You're the One 1998 The couple insists on an apartment that views the WTC.
34 total    

Video Games

Title Year Reference
Driver 1999 From Infogrames. For PSX, PC, MAC & Gameboy Color. You can actually drive right by the WTC. Screen shots
Gunblade - Special Air Assault Force 1995 From Sega. Ironically it is about a terrorist attack on NYC and after you beat the game as your gunship flies away they have the WTC in the background.
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 2000 The towers are featured and you can even crash into them. A 2001 patch removes them from the skyline. The 2002 version of the game has them removed.
Sega Saturn 1997 This disturbing Weblink display sign has the tagline "Reach out and Crush Someone" with a massive explosion right behind the WTC covering the island. Full Scan  Close up
Streets of Rage 1991 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis fighting title. The WTC can be scene through the window in one scene. Scan
Trade Center Defender  2001 A Flash game from the Angelfire Arcade where you had to shoot down planes trying to crash into the towers. Impossible to believe it was made pre 9/11.
TMNT Manhattan Missions 1991 IBM PC/Tandy. The WTC is on the box & in the game. Cover Game
7 total    


Title Year Reference
Fight Club 1999 Filmed in LA, not NYC and features the mini twin towers there. This is true of many films from LA - people think they are the WTC towers.
Nosebleed 2001 Starring Jackie Chan as a window washer at the WTC who foils a bomb plot was set to film on 9/11/01. This is NOT true. The script is real, filming schedule is not. Remains unfilmed.

Films, Documentaries, Shows & Specials on the WTC + 9/11

I do not include any film that is anti-American or conspiracy nonsense. This also includes films inspired by the events or based around them. I have many of these if interested in any VHS/DVD contact me.

Title Year Notes
7 Days in September 2002 This shows how the people of New York handled the attack from the 11th through the 17th of September. 90 mins
9/11 3/10/02 TV Version - on 9/11/01, filmmakers Gédéon and Jules Naudet were filming a documentary on a rookie New York City firefighter when they noticed a plane overhead that would hit the World Trade Center. The firefighter and the Naudets rushed immediately to the scene. This is the only known footage from inside the Twin Towers that day. Host Robert De Niro. 
9/11 - The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition 9/12/02 DVD Version of Gédéon & Naudet's film that removes the intros and De Niro. AKA 9/11 or New York: 11 Septembre DVD Cover
9/11 - Filmmakers' Update 9/10/06 Gédéon & Naudet update their documentary with new interviews with a number of firefighters for the 5th anniversary; host Robert De Niro. 90 mins
9/11: American Reflections 12/20/01 Man on the street interviews with people in the Los Angeles area during the several days immediately following 9/11. 50 min
9/11 Commission Report 9/8/04 The commission determines that chances existed to disrupt the terrorist plot. Thomas Kean,  History Channel 100 mins.
9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction 8/20/07 Examines the various conspiracy theories espoused on the Internet, in articles and in public forums that attempt to explain the 9/11 attacks. It includes theories that the World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition; that a missile, not a commercial airliner, hit the Pentagon; and that members of the U.S. government orchestrated the attacks in hopes of creating a war in the Middle East. Each conspiracy argument is shot down by a variety of experts in the fields of engineering, intelligence and the military. The program also delves into the anatomy of such conspiracies and how they grow on the Internet. Charles B. Strozier, Chip Berlet, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Douglas Bronkley, Jim Meigs, David Cobrun, Michael Shermer, Mark Fentster, Erin Cassidy, James Fetzer, matt Dayton, Dylan Avery, Matt Conner, Tom Ryan, Gene Corley, Torin Wolf, Steve Jones, Matthys Levy, Sofia Shafquat, David Coburn, Brent Blanchard, Jason Bermas, Pat Dawson, Webster Griffin Tarpley, Thiery Messon, Paul McClatchy, Jere Longman, Susan McElwain, Stacey Taylor, Michael Hynes, Nichols Pezc, Korey Rowe, Wally Miller, Lt. Patrick Madigan, Lisa Jefferson, Deena Burnett, Lyzbeth Glick, Lt. Col Robert L. Bowmann, Larry Silverstein, Cheryl Shames. 90 mins
9/11: Efectos Secundarios 9/3/06 Los científicos consideran que la destrucción del World Trade Center ha sido "el mayor desastre ambiental ocurrido en Nueva York''
9/11 for the Record 2004 Bill Moyers Journal analysis of the 9/11 Commission with footage of John Azarello, Dana Hyde, John Farmer Jr., Philip Zelikow, Condoleesa Rice, Steven Simon, Deitrich Schnell, Richard Clarke. 55 mins
9/11: The Flight That Fought Back 2/9/06 Assignment Discovery about Flight 93.
9/11 Hijackers: Inside the Hamburg Cell 9/10/05 An unlikely group of college students devolves into religious martyrdom.
The 9/11 Imposter 11/29/08 The true story behind one of the world's most audacious fakers, Tania Head (Alicia Esteve Head) a women who pretended to be a survivor of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, by leading the people her hoax affected most. With Gerry Bogacz, Carrie Coen Sullivan, Cynthia Shepard, Barbara Conrad, Dr. Al Siebert, Aaron Zimmerman, George Potaki (archive), Michael Daly, Jeff & Alison Crowther, Xavier Mas de Xaxas, Narrator: Bray Poor. 45 min 
9/11: Millionaire Widows 9/06 Money meant to help ease the suffering left in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has actually ruined the lives of many victims' relatives. With Kenneth Feinberg, James Langton, Eileen Cirri, Pete Gonman, Lisa Goldberg McWilliams, Mary Koenig, Randy Schustal, Margaret Cruz, Eric Shimanoff. We Channel 45 mins 
9/11: Pentagon Under Fire 2002 A minute by minute account of what happened with witness  interviews. By TLC, not on video. 45 mins. Scan
9/11: The President's Story 2002 Minute by minute account of President Bush with interviews of him and his staff.  By CBS 60 Minutes II, not on video. 90 mins. Scan
9/11: Six Years Later 9/11/07 MSNBC replay of NBC's Today Show live coverage of 9/11/01. Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Jim Miklaszewski, Jennifer Oberston, Bob Kerr, David Gregory, Jamie Gangel, President Bush, Andrea Mitchell, Larry Johnson, Tom Brokaw, Kathleen Zichey, Pat Dawson, Bob Hager, Bob Bezell, Neil Livingston, Benjamin Levy, Jim Calstrum, Chief William Hall, Alan Reiss, Tim Russert, Ashley Banfield, Porter Goss, Ron Insana, Leslie Van Sant. AKA 9/11: As it Happened (2hr version) 180 mins
9/11: The Towers and the Pentagon 9/7/08 Forensic engineers study the structural difference between the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and explain why the buildings collapsed on 9/11 including Tower 7. Scott McKay, James Schwartz, Paul Mlakar, Stephen McCoy, Dean Tills, Daniel Nigro, W. Gene Corley, Matthys Levy, Najib Abboud, Shilam Sunder, Craig Beyler, Henry McDevitt, Cal Galioto. Discovery Channel 45 mins. 
9/11's Toxic Dust 9/6/07 A look at 5 people who worked in or around Ground Zero that have had accelerated health problems. Det John Walcott, Alex Sanchez, Gary & Alison Acker, Lea Geronimo, Thomas Cahill, Dr. Robert Herbert, Donna Flayhan, Dr. Jonathan Samet, Dr. Marjorie Levitan, Dr. James Salinitz, David Worby, Carmen Calderon, Christine Todd Whitman, Richard Farr
9/11: Toxic Legacy 9/4/06 The environmental fallout of Sept. 11 with President Bush, Dr. Davio Prezant, Bill Dahl, Ernie Vallebuona, Christine Whitman, Anthony DePalma, Ron Vega, John Sperazo, Dr. Stephen Levin, Joseph Zadroga, Hugh Kaufman, Jackie Corcoran, Jim Gilroy, Alex Sanchez, Suzanne Mattei. 45 mins
11'09''01 - September 11 2002  Eleven 11 minute 9 second films on 9/11 by Samira Makhmalbaf - Iran, Claude Lelouch - France, Youssef Chahine - Egypt, Amos Gitai - Israel, Alejandro González Iñárritu - Mexico, Ken Loach - UK, Mira Nair - India, Idrissa Ouedraogo - Burkina Faso, Sean Penn - USA, Danis Tanovic - Bosnia-Herzegovina, Shohei Imamura - Japan. 128 mins
16 Days in September 2005 Follows 2 firefighter-filmmakers during their tour of duty at ground zero.
25th Hour  2002 One of the only feature films I am aware of that shows the WTC site months after the attack. Refers to 9/11 in the movie and opens with the Tribute in Lights.
102 Minutes 2006 Based on a book by NYT reporters Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn. It tracks the timeline from the moment the first plane hit the the first tower, to the moment that tower collapsed.
102 Minutes that Changed America - Witness to 9/11 9/11/08 The History Channel recounts the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center solely through  amateur and professional home videos on the scene, phone calls from the towers and police & fire dispatchers. Host: Steve Gillon. 102 mins 
After 9/11: Rebuilding Lives 9/11/02 Ten-thousand children who lost parents in the Sept. 11 attacks must go on with their lives with Firefighters Gary, Ralph & Paul Geidel, Burn victim Donovan Cowan, Students John Cortes & Adam Lopez and Widow Renee Nolan. 45 minutes
All Our Sons: Fallen Heroes of 9/11 2004 The 12 black firefighters who died during the 9/11 attack at the WTC are remembered.
America 911 - We Will Never Forget 2001 See the attack through the eyes of non-news professionals as they share the grief and horror, but also the unbelievable heroism and determination, of those first hours. DVD Cover
America: A Tribute to Heroes 9/21/01 Live telethon hosted by Tom Hanks featuring musical guests: Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder/Take 6, U2, Faith Hill, Tom Petty, Enrique Iglesias, Neil Young, Alicia Keys, Limp Bizkit, Billy Joel, Dixie Chicks, Dave Matthews, Wyclef Jean, Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Sting, Eddie Vedder, Paul Simon, Celine Dion, Willie Nelson. 2 hours
America Rebuilds 9/10/02 New York faces the engineering challenge of removing the rubble of the World Trade Center soon after the towers fall; narrated by Kevin Spacey.
America Rebuilds II - Return to Ground Zero 9/11/06 Learn how in just 3 years the PATH train came back and just 2 years after that, WTC 7, the last building to fall on 9/11, was the first to be completed. Hear thoughts on the design chosen for the Memorial to the victims of 9/11 and why it remains controversial. 1 hour
American Martial Arts After 9/11: Airline Defense 2006 Filmed aboard an actual 747, this gripping DVD reviews the heroic actions of Jeremy Glick and other heroes of Flight 93 teaches you as a warrior martial artist, how to do even better - if you are ever called upon.
American Thunder 10/11/05 9/11 Patriot Ride - Bikers ride with a bean from the WTC across country to lay it in California. #10020. 
American Vesuvius 9/10/06 Scientist Charles Pellegrino examines the similarities between the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the cataclysm of 9/11/01. John Morabito, Paul Mallery, Haracur Sigurdsson, Lt. Robert Vargas, Richard Picciotto, Rev. Milton Williams, Dr. Howard Balim. 90 mins.
America's Most Wanted 9/15/01 Special from Ground Zero. There was also a follow up show in NY and one at the Pentagon. John Walsh hosts.
Anatomy of a Collapse: Lessons From 9/11 9/8/06 Discovery Channel. How the Twin Towers were built; the cause of their collapse. 45 mins
The Anatomy of September 11th 9/04 Reporters & participants provide a detailed account of the final 102 mins of the WTC. Host: Bill Kurtis, 86 mins Scan
Animal Precinct 2001 At Ground Zero, Special Presentation The aftermath of 9/11/01. The story of rescue dogs used at the site. #114. 40 mins
Answering The Call: Ground Zero's Volunteers 2005 Thousands of strangers came together as a team. 87 mins
Aquí y Ahora 9/7/06 Una mujer que sobrevivió ambos ataques del WTC, en 1993 y 2001. 45 mins
Arrest & Trial - World Trade Center 2001 1993 Bombing - Kevin Shea, Chuck Stern, Joe Halin, Neil Herman, J. Gilmore Childers, Henry Depippoi 22min
Attack on the Pentagon 9/7/03 Terrorists deliberately crash Flight 77 into one of the most famous buildings in the world. Narrator - Michael Gaston with Pat Hymel, Veronica & Juan Cruz, Brig Gen Whitfield, Chief John Jester, Commander Craig Powell, Edward Brinkley, Elizabeth Kreitler, Mike Tamillow, Sgt. Marshall Paul, Kent Watts, Donald Rumsfeld, Sharon Weaver, Lt. Col Marilyn Wills, Petty Officer Bernard Brown Sr., Daniel Monte, Walker Lee Evey, Col Philip Mcnair 45 mins
Attack on the Pentagon 9/7/08 The definitive account of what happened inside the Pentagon when it was attacked on 9/11/01. It’s a story that is still widely misunderstood and often overshadowed by the other events of that day. Martha Carden, Lt. Col Ted Anderson, David Tarantino, Donald Rumsfeld, Donn Marshall, Ed Giambastini, Dick Myers, Phil McNair, Jerry Henson, Matthew Klimow, Rob Grunewald, Lawrence Di Rita, Ed Michael Smith, David Testa, Michael Defina, Stacie Condrell, Craig Powell, Paul Carlton Jr., James Schwartz, Steven Carter, Christopher Combs, Ken Burchell, Michael Regan. Discovery Channel 90 mins.
Babies: Special Delivery 9/11 - 6/11 2002 Nine Months Later - Examining births occurring nine months after 9/11 in New York City, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Charles & Miriam Ormsby, Jay Erickson MD, Felicia Oliver, Simon Cinque, Sherri Matteo, Kimberley Mudge MD, Jazmine, Maria Francis MD, Pam Emeney, Juliane Adams MD, Camille & Rich Houghton, Eman Al-Jabani, Tricia & Andy Sobehart, Loretta Hammonds, Graeme Potter, Dale Talber, Theresa Ulvarn, Narrator - Phil Crowley
BCP in WTC Towers 1/05 There has been no greater test of the capabilities of businesses to meet the challenge of disaster recovery and contingency planning than the events of 9/11/01. This is a graphic depiction of the magnitude of the losses and the monumental task of recovery.
Bible Code Foretold 9/11 2002 Encounters with the Unknown episode claims hidden codes in the bible predicted 9/111 and other recent events. Michael Drosnin, Chuck Missler, Roy Reinhold, Harold Gans, Therese Thurston, Patrick Lumbroso, Keith Jackson, David W. Balsiger, Edwin Sherman. 25 mins
The Box 2002 The events of 9/11 as seen through the eyes of those who lived it. From FDNY EMT's and Firefighters to members of the NYPD to ordinary people "The Box" is a film that recounts their experiences on that day and how their lives were forever changed.
Brothers in Blue 2003 An in-depth look at the firefighters of Northern New Jersey who braved the worst on 9/11/01 and came to the rescue of hundreds of thousands of people from the burning WTC.
Brothers Lost: Stories of 9/11 9/11/06 Men who lost brothers in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, form a bond. 
Brothers...on Holy Ground 2003 Mike Lennon, a former NYC fireman co-wrote and directed this film about firefighters who died on 9/11. DVD Cover
Camp 9/11: Children of Hope 8/20/06 Nine children who lost parents on Sept. 11 visit a special camp that helps them deal with their grief - Kyler Lake, Taylor McCarthey, Taniya Grayson, Courtney Fallon, Veronica Bailey, Peter Negron, Angel Martinez & Sarah Wainio. 90 minutes.
Clear the Skies - 9/11 Air Defense 8/23/05 This hour long program examines the events on 9/11 from the perspective of U.S. domestic defense, beginning at 8:30 a.m., shortly before the first hijacked jet struck the World Trade Center towers, and ending late that afternoon when President Bush safely returned to Washington, D.C. DVD
CNN Tribute - America Remembers 2002 The transformation from typical slow news Tuesday morning to "9/11". DVD Cover
Code Yellow: Hospital at Ground Zero 2002 The hospital closest to ground zero on 9/11. Narrator: Brian Dennehy.
Countdown to Ground Zero 8/13/06 History Channel. The events of Sept. 11, 2001 plus interviews and reenactments of those who escaped the WTC including Brian Clark & Stanley Praimnath and the survivors of Stairway B. 90 minutes
The Concert for New York City  10/20/01 Live at MSG - a celebration of the strength, resistance and pride of NY and America - includes stars, short films and music. 5 hours
The Concert for New York Remembered 9/14/07 Those involved tell what went into making it happen with behind the scenes footage. Bob Buchmann, Bill Flanagan, Alan Light, Anthony Decurtis, Joe Lhota, Fred Graver, James Doun, John Sykes, Harvey Weinstein, Glenn Gamboa, Paul Shaffer, Paul Flattery, Paul McCartney (archive), Elyssa Gardener, Louis J. Horovitz, Michael Moran. 45 mins
The Cross and the Towers 2006 A look at the aftermath of 9/11 from a Christian perspective including the beams in the shape of the cross found in the rubble. Carl Keyes, Bob Aplleby, Mike Martelli, Debra Burlingame, Lee Ielpi, John Piccarello, Mike Kenny, Det Carlos Aviles, Dr. Abraham Fenton, Denny Wisley, Rob Martin, Frank Silencchia, Michael W. Smith at 2005 Billy Graham Crusade. 50 mins
Dateline NBC - No Greater Love: The Story of Flight 93 9/11/06 Jane Pauley interviews people who lost loved ones on doomed Flight 93; new audiotapes help detail heroic acts aboard the aircraft, which crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA with Alice Hoagland, Deena Burnett, Lisa Beamer, Claudette Greene, Greg Fife, Lyz Glick, Lisa Jefferson, Elsa Strom, Jack Grandcolas, Lorne Lyles, Richard Mapely. 45 mins 
Dateline NBC - The Miracle of Ladder Company No. 6 9/9/06 On 9/11/01, men attempt to save a woman caught in a stairwell of the north tower, then the whole structure collapses and, amazingly, they survive. Stone Phillips hosts. 45 mins
Day The Towers Fell 2002 Looks at the WTC attack through the eyes of the amateur and professional photographers who risked their lives to capture it on film. Hear their stories, many shared on camera for the first time, and find out how and why they responded the way they did. A host of unforgettable images, many not seen by the public before, paint an intensely intimate portrait of the tragedy that changed the world. These stories of terror, hope and survival show what it was like to be near Ground Zero. Peter Foley, Michael Rieger, Andrea Booher, Jane Barrer, David Hindschuh, John Labrioloa, Jeff Erber, Mami Ogawa, Star Reese, Ernesto Mora, Guinara Samoilova, George Farrinaci, Huntley Gill, Greg Greitas, Thomas Franklin, Capt Scott Shields & Bear, Angel Franco. 45 mins Scan
DC 9/11 - Time of Crisis 2003 This film focuses on the difficult decisions and tasks faced by President Bush and his staff on 9/11/01 and the days following the attacks. Based on in-depth interviews and extensive research, this recounts the tragic events from the moment Bush hears the news of the attacks to significant briefings with advisors. DVD cover
Discover Magazine 2003 Crime Lab Crime-solving techniques - World Trade Center 93 bombing.
A Dog's Life: A Dogamentary 2002 Chelsea rigged with a "doggie cam" hits the streets of New York with Gayle, both looking for love. But the tragic events of 9/11 alter their quest and we watch Chelsea find her true calling as a therapy dog, finding love through healing others.
Dust to Dust: The Health Effects of 9/11  9/11/06 Steve Buscemi narrates this look at the first responders of 9/11, some of whom have died or are now seriously ill and fighting for compensation. With John Graham, Chris Baumann, Bonnie Giebfried, Richard Mulhern, Timothy Duffy, Hugh Kaufman, Michael Brown, Cate Jenkins, Dr. Stephen Levin, Nikki Tinsley, Robert Martin, Ron Elman, Robert Gulack, Prof Thomas Cahill, Patrick Lynch, John Walcott, Richard Volpe, Jenna Orkin, Lynda Caspe, Michael McCormick, Carolyn Maloney, Mr. Zadroga.
E!'s 25 Celebrity Near Death Experiences 9/07 Seth Macfarlane arrived late to Logan airport and missed a flight that hit the WTC. Mark Wahlberg claims he was also to fly out of Logan on 9/11.
ESPN Classic Remembers 9/11 9/11/06 With Kevin Millar, Curt Schilling, Joe Jurevicus, Boomer Esiason, Rick Ditino, Joe Andruzzi, Lance Armstrong, Tiki Barber, Bob Costas, Michael Strahan, Brian Williams, Joe Buck, Bud Selig, George Will, George Pataki, Pat Tillman, Mike Ditka, Gene Upshaw, Gary Bettman, Helene Eliott, Jeremy Schaap, Bob Levy, Christine Brennan, NYFD Bravest Football Team - Joe Harris, Woody McHale, Pudgie Walsh, Mike Meyers, Troy Roberts, Tom Narducci, Texas A&M - Mark Dodge, Dennis Franchoine 
ESPN Classic Remembers The First November: World Series 2001 9/11/06 Documentary on the first World Series after 9/11 featuring the Yankees.
FahrenHYPE 9/11 10/5/04 The truth about Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 by Dick Morris with Ron Silver. DVD
Faith & Doubt at Ground Zero 9/02 Frontline PBS - What did American's see on 9/11? And how did it affect notions of god, or evil and the potential for darkness within religion itself? DVD
The Falling Man 3/16/06 The search for the man who was photographed falling straight down from the building, IDed as Jonathan Briley. Michael Lomonaco, Jane Alderman, Richard Drew, Jack Gentul, Eric Lipton, Iliana McGinis, Michael Hirsch, Bob Messinger, Deborah Holets, Ken Myers, Tom Junod, Peter Cheney, Jacqueline Hernandez, Catherine Hernandez, Eulogia Hernandez on Norberto Hernandez, Richard Pecorella, Melissa Trumbull, Andrew Chaikivsky, Glenn Vogt, Gwendolyn Briley, Narrator - Tim Hopper. 75 mins.
Fireboats of 9/11 9/8/03 History Channel documentary that tells the complete story of the unique force to which the John  Harvey belongs, which has helped protect New York City for over 100 years. Veterans of the service talk about long-ago disasters, such as the ammunition ship fire in 1943. 70 mins
Firehouse 54-4: A Larry King Special 9/11/07 A tribute to the firefighters of Engine 54 and Ladder 4 in New York City's Manhattan district, many of whom died on 9/11. Included: interviews with survivors; and with family members of those who died that day. 45 mins.
First Response 5/02 Special presentation by The History Channel detailing some of the stories of the true heroes of 9/11, specifically all of the first responders to the attack on the WTC.
Flight 93 1/30/06 On 9/11/01, courageous passengers aboard a hijacked airplane fight back against terrorists. Made by Fox TV Studios and aired on A&E. 90 mins. Scan
Flight 175: As the World Watched 8/20/06 On Sept. 11, 2001, Flight 175 is the second plane to hit the World Trade Center. 45 mins.
The Flight That Fought Back 9/11/05 Discovery Channel's docudrama about United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in southwest Pennsylvania.
For the Love of their Brother 2005 PBS documentary on the struggles and triumphs of the Siller family after the death of their brother Stephen Siller, a New York Firefighter whose life was cut short on 9/11. Stephen was on his way home and went back after hearing the news.
Frontline 2002 The Man Who Knew
Ground Zero Heroes 2/4/05 The operation at Ground Zero seen as it was happening & captured by Steve Spak over the 8 month period during the cleanup & recovery operation. DVD
Ground Zero Search and Recovery 9/11/07 Examining the 9/11 crime-scene investigation efforts and the uniqueness of covering such a wide area. Includes previously unaired film footage and remarks by detectives and scientists led by Shiya Ribowsky, Lee Ielpi, Rosemary Cain, John Cartier, Bill Keegan, Elizabeth Rosato, Richard Marx, Elaine Mar, Heidi Markenson, Mickey Ross. 45 mins.
Grounded on 9/11 9/11/05 The FAA orders all planes out of the air after the attack on the WTC. The story of the air traffic controllers who did the impossible - grounding 5000 planes in hours. 45 mins.
The Hamburg Cell 8/26/04 British movie about Ziad Jarrah & Mohammed Atta. 100 mins
Hardcore History 1/25/04 Targeted: The Evil Genius - Terrorist prodigy Ramzi Yousef is responsible for the World Trade Center bombing of 1993.
The Heart of Steel 4/25/06 Story of volunteers who helped after the 9/11 attacks.
Heroes Among Us, Miracles Around Us 2006 Extraordinary stories of heroism and survival on 9/11 are recalled by people who witnessed them firsthand. Dennis Cauchon, Brian Clark, Josephine Harris, Isaac Ho'opi', Captain John Jay Jonas, Stanley Praimnath, Wayne Sinclair
Heroes of Flight 93 2005 Based on the book Beauty Behind the Ashes by Cherl McGuinness, Host - Jerry Rose, David Dosch, Snady Dahl, Deena Burnett, Lisa Jefferson, Greg Koukl, Ken Nacke, Jerry & Beatrice Guadagio, Lorne V. Lyes, Alice Hoglan, Gregory L. Gordon & D. Hamilton Peterson. TBN 60 mins
HistoryCenter 9/06 Examining artifacts recovered from the World Trade Center disaster that are housed at the New York State Museum & The World Trade Center Memorial with Craig Williams & James Young (University of Massachusetts). 
How it Was: Voices of 9/11 11/13/07 A documentary featuring interviews and testimonies from New York City's 911 operators and dispatchers who responded to calls on 9/11 plus firefighters, officers and civilians who called from the WTC and did not survive. Jimmy Raftery, Sandra Showalter, Chris Hanley, Damon Dimarco, Mark Mason, John Fleisher, Ken Van Auken, Russell Alston, Capt Patrick Brown, Steven Manning, Brian Clark, Orio Palmer, Lt. Joseph Leavey, Steven Belson, Scott Kopytko, Tom Kelly, Edward Geraghty, Judy Deangelis, David Rosenzweig, Thomas Demaria Phd, Glenn Corbet, Narrator: David Jeremiah. 45 mins
In Memoriam - New York City, 9/11/01 9/3/02 Originally shown on HBO on May 26, 2002. With Rudolph W. Giuliani as guide follow the mayor and his staff from their first realization of what had occurred, through despair and tears, to a newfound strength that would emerge in the spirit of a new America. Includes graphic footage of jumpers. DVD Cover
I Missed Flight 93 1/27/06 Three people Heather Ross Ogle, Frank Robertazzi and Daniel Belardinell tell how their lives have been forever changed by the unwitting decisions that kept them from boarding flight 93 on 9/11/01. 
Impact: Stories of Survival 4/16/04 Pentagon Survivor - Kevin Shaeffer, Sept. 11 burn victim #8.
Inside 9/11 8/21/05 National Geographic Channel. Go beyond what has been reported and get a clearer picture of the day that redefined our nation. #1. War on America, #2. Zero Hour. 210 mins. Scan
Inside the Pentagon 7/4/02 A Profile of the Pentagon. A history up to the rebuilding includes interviews with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, General John Keane, General Richard Myers, David Theall, Carl Mahken, Daniel Murphy, Lt. Col Ted Anderson, Staff Sgt. Chris Braman, Tom Ricks, R.W. Apple Jr., Sgt. Bobby Thomas, Capt Michael Nesbitt, Pete Williams, Col. John Warden & John Pike. 45 mins Scan
Inside the Twin Towers 9/3/06 Recounting the events of 9/11/01 - includes interviews and reenactments of the stories of people inside the WTC that day with Rick Bryan; Paul, Frank, Nina & Nicole De Martini, Mak Hanna, Glenn Vogt, Stella & Christine Olender, Hong Zhu, Capt Jay Jonas, Harry Ramos, Al Smith, Jan Demczur, Stanley Praimnath, Duanne Defontes, Pablo Ortez, Brain Clark, Elane & Jack Gentue, Rebecca & Victor Wald, Josephine Harris, Ed Emery. AKA 9/11: The Twin Towers 90 mins 
In The Mix - 9/11: Looking Back...Moving Forward 2001 Through the eyes of high school teens near Ground Zero and others living outside of New York, this program explores how the tragedy and ongoing events have impacted the way teens now view the world and their future.
In The Mix - Living With Change 2002 How teens across the country have responded and coped with the impact of the ongoing events of the past year. Interviews include: teens who were closest to Ground Zero and have returned to their schools.
It's a Miracle 9/12/02 9/11 Miracles: A blind man, Mike Hinson, is led to safety from the 78th floor; two men, Brian Clark & Stanley escape minutes before the tower collapses; six men, George, Yan & Alfred, escape an express elevator. #501
I-Witness to 9/11 9/11/08 Companion to 102 minutes that Changed America. Interviews with people whose footage was used in that film. Caroline Dries, Adam Shonker, Evan Fairbanks, David Vogler, Cheryl Dunn, Sam Reigel, John Kalymnios, Alfie Alvarado, Quyen Train. The History Channel 18 mins
Koenig's Sphere 2002 Recounts the making of the sculpture by Fritz Koenig, "Kugelkaryatide" the sphere that stood in the center of Tobin Plaza between the two towers of the World Trade Center. The film follows the sculpture from its creation as the largest bronze sculpture of recent times to the aftermath of 9/11, where it now stands, heavily scarred in Battery Park. Narrator: Percy Adlon. With Lucy Foster, George Stampelli, Michael Bloomberg, Chief Hoehl, Louie Rueda. Dedicated to Richard B. Ross. 55 mins
Larry Kane: Voice of Reason 11/07 The Forgotten Victims of 9/11 - Allen Tannenbaum, Vincent Forras & Marvin Bethea. People who are sick from working at ground zero. 22 mins
Looking for My Brother 2003 True account of a moment in time in the lives of two people profoundly and directly impacted by the events of 9/11. A portrayal of two brothers connected, yet disconnected. Scan
Man on Wire 8/1/08 Documentary about Philippe Petit's 1974 highwire walk between the towers. Scan
The Man Who Predicted 9/11 9/11/05 Director of security of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Rick Rescorla predicted an attack on the WTC and led 100s out of the South Tower before dying in its collapse. 45 mins. Scan
Megastructures - Inside the Pentagon 4/1/05 Interweaves stories covering the sweep of the Pentagon's 58-year history, taking viewers into the restricted inner workings of the American military machine, including the new war on terrorism and coverage of the historic response following the attack of 9/11. With interviews and the rebuilding. A remake of NGC's Inside the Pentagon with a new narrator and updated footage. 45 mins. Scan
Metal of Honor: The Ironworkers of 9/11 9/5/06 The New York City ironworkers' role during the Sept. 11th recovery efforts and the cleanup that followed with Jim & Dana Gaffney, Larry & Anna Keating, Tommy Harris Jr, Tom & Linda McHale, Warren Allen, Chris & Dennis Telford Jr. & Sr., Paul & Jaunita Gaulden, Bob Walsh, Willie Harris. 80 mins
Minute by Minute - 1993 World Trade Center Bombing 1/1/01 At 12:18 p.m. on 2/26/93, an explosion rocked the giant World Trade Center in New York City, and America discovered how vulnerable it is to terrorism. 45 mins. Scan
Minute by Minute - Attack on the Pentagon 9/4/02 Heroes save lives after terrorists strike. This was reissued in 03 without the Minute By Minute title and had a new narrator. 45 mins.
The Miracle of Stairway B 8/14/06 The collapse of the WTC on 9/11/01, traps 14 people, mostly firemen in the remains of the north tower and they survived. History Channel 45 mins.
Miracles Amidst 9/11 2002 Were there miraculous stories from some who survived the attack? Dr. Norman Geisler, Michael Shermer, Dennis Cauchon, Kenneth Testa, Barbara Mikkelson. 25 mins
Modern Marvels - Engineering Disasters 13 11/16/04 History Channel. The collapse of the World Trade Center 7 and the rebuilding above safety codes. Johnathan Barnett, Christopher Marrion, Irwin Cantor, Janno Lieber. 
Modern Marvels  - Inviting Disaster #4 11/4/03 Examine the collapse of the WTC. Author Jim Chiles believes that designers and engineers must better prepare for all potential disasters--by understanding existing risks, they can prepare for the unknown, like terrorism. 45 mins. Scan
MSNBC 9/11: The Day That Changed America 9/11/06 45 mins.
MSNBC Investigates: 24 Hours at Ground Zero 9/01 John Seigenthaler hosts. 50 mins
National Day of Prayer and Remembrance - 9/11 2001 To a grieving nation, President George W. Bush declared Sept 14 a National Day of Prayer & Remembrance. This is a memorial of the historic presentation in the Tabernacle on Temple Square in historic Salt Lake City.
New Detectives 2007 Living in Terror w/World Trade Center bombing clip.
New York Firefighters: The Brotherhood of 9/11 8/19/02 Profiles the Firemen of 9/11. DVD Cover
New York - The Center of the World 9/03 Ric Burns explores the history of the construction of the Twin Towers; how the city came to be the world's financial power house; the events that culminated with the attacks on 9/11/01; and the aftermath and recovery of the city and her people.
New York Voices: 9/11 Remembered 9/11/08 Rafael Peroman, Will Deriso, Diane & Kurt Horning, Marian Fontana, Roseann Delano, Dr. Philip Landrioan, Jerrold Nadler, Larry Silversein, Chris Ward, Joe Daniels - on rebuilding at the WTC site. 22 mins 
News Special 9/11/02 Covering the 1st Anniversary.
News Special 9/11/03 Covering the 2nd Anniversary.
News Special 9/11/04 Covering the 3rd Anniversary.
News Special 9/11/05 Covering the 4th Anniversary.
News Special 9/11/06 GMA 9/11/06: Where Things Stand - Harry Welden, Rudolph Giuliani, The Path to 9/11, John Lehman, St. Paul's Chapel, Maria Ragonese, Jill Gartenberg, Sean Hughes, Jillian Volk, Dave McCord, Peter King, Adam Charmin-Aker, Brittany Tassan, Ken Markley, Michael Rieger, Dr. Melvin Oatis, Ann Haynes, Julia Collins, Pattie Carrington, Claudia Gerbasi, Sgt. Alishia Watkins, Sgt. Sean Cummins, Sgt. Emblen & Mayor Bloomberg
News Special 9/11/07 Remembering 9/11 - 6th Anniversary Memorial at Ground Zero 4 hours
News Special 9/11/08 Remembering 9/11 - 7 years later Memorial at Ground Zero 4 hours
Nine Innings from Ground Zero 2004 HBO Sports - In the aftermath of 9/11, Americans felt uncertain about how to proceed with their lives. The game of baseball provided welcome relief as the country found itself rooting for the NY Yankees, who had come to symbolize NYC. The emotionally charged film tells this gripping story through poignant interviews and footage. Scan
On Native Soil: The Documentary of the 9/11 Commission Report 8/21/06 Interviews and testimonies from people who were directly involved in the events and the Commission. Carol Ashley, Sarah Regnehard, Lee Ielp, Stephen Push, Mary & Frank Fetchet, Rudy Giuliani, Brian Birdwell, Brian Clark, Stanley Praimnath. Narrated by Kevin Costner & Hilary Swank. Broken into 3 parts and also shown as Cable in the Classroom.
Nova - Building on Ground Zero 9/5/06 The collapse of the World Trade Center and improvements to construction and security of other important structures. Narrator - Live Schrieber with Leslie Robertson, W. Eugene Corley, Bill Ferney, Shyam Sunder, Elia Zedeno, Brian Clark, Charles Thornton, Bill Connolly, Frank Massero, John D'antonio, Tom Canavan, Jake Pauls, Jonathan Barnett, William Pederson, Carl Galioto, David Childs. 57 mins #3311
Nova - Why the Towers Fell 4/30/02 A team of forensic engineers investigates the cause of the WTC's collapse. Brian Clark, Mike Meldrum, Leslie Robertson, Bill Forney, Jonathan Barnett, Jake Pauls, Paul Neal, Matt Komerowski, W. Gene Corley, Charles Thrornton, Al Smith, Jan Demczur, Matthys Levy, Bill Baker, Sal D'agastino, narrated by Wil Lyman. #2907. DVD Cover
Parallel Lines 2003 On 9/11 Davenport was in California, far from New York where her apartment overlooked the World Trade Center. Driving along back roads alone - armed only with her camera - Davenport eloquently investigates the intersection between loss and national tragedy. 98 mins
The Path to 9/11 9/10/06 Harvey Keitel stars as John O'Neill, an anti-terror expert who died in the north tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Based on the 9/11 Commission Report and more. AKA 6 hour ABC miniseries that was to air around 4/06. 265 mins
Path to Paradise - Untold Story of WTC Bombing  1997 Shows how in 1993 the terrorists wanted to destroy many US landmarks and kill many citizens in one massive attack. VHS
Persons of Interest 2004 12 US citizens and immigrants tell personal stories of detainment and imprisonment following the attacks of 9/11
Portrait of a Terrorist: Mohamed Atta 12/13/06 The Islamic radical who was the presumed ringleader of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Included: his seemingly normal childhood in Cairo and his architectural studies in Germany. Ethan Bronner, Stuart Grassian MD, Mohamed Al-Amir Atta, Mohamed Hassan Atteya, Reuel Gerecht, Jorg Severin, Jorg Lewin, William Gavin FBI, Steven Erlanger, Mike Mikarts, Henry George, J.D. Lee, James Lester, Gregg Chattertoni. 45 mins
Portrait of Courage: The Untold Story of Flight 93 2006 Discover the true meaning of the word hero as we get to know the people on board the doomed flight and find out how the seemingly average passengers and crew of Flight 93 discovered within themselves the extraordinary courage they needed to turn the tide in their struggle against terror and give America hope in its darkest hour. 45 mins
The Power of Forgiveness 2007 An examination of forgiveness and how it enables people to move on with their lives with the response following 9/11. Rev Lyndon Harris, Lynn McGuinn, Rose Foti & Diane Horning. 1 segment, 60 mins
A Prayer for America: Yankee Stadium Memorial 9/23/01 Plácido Domingo - Ave Maria, Lee Greenwood, Rudolph Guiliani, Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings, Daniel Rodriquez, New York Police Department bagpipers, Tenor Ronan Tynan, James Earl Jones & Oprah Winfrey
Reading Rainbow 9/5/02 Enemy Pie - Overcoming cultural barriers is the focus of this program exploring issues raised by 9/11. By Derek Mason. #1409
Reading Rainbow 9/12/02 The Tin Forest - Find out how kids in PS 234 right near the WTC stayed strong during the 9/11 attacks. LeVar Burton hosts
Reconstruyendo el World Trade Center 9/04 La reconstrucción del World Trade Center.
Reflections from Ground Zero 9/9/02 Nine filmmakers from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts present their short films dealing with the impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on their city in this provocative anthology of pain and hope, tragedy and courage, hosted by Spike Lee. Kelly Atkins, “Twice a Day”; Brad Barnes, “Engine Trouble”; Serguei Bassine, “From the 104th Floor”; Bryan Gunnar Cole, “Unfurled”; Janet McIntyre and Amy Wendel, “Covered Girls”; Rachel Zabar, “One Life”; Deena Lombardi, “What Work is”; Mora Stephens, ‘Breaking Bread”; and Gabriella Spierer, “Welcome to NY.”
Reign O'er Me 2006 By Mike Binder - deals with 9/11-related grief.
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly 9/05 St. Paul’s Bronze Tree & The destruction of Nicholas Greek Church. 15 mins
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly 9/10/06 9/11 Five Year Anniversary, Ground Zero with guide Maxine Laboy & St. Paul's Episcopal Church 15 mins
Remember - September 11, 2001 2002 The video puts all of the horrible events of that day in chronological order, while at the same type demonstrating the tragedy, and the heroism. DVD Cover
The Road to 9/11 2005 Starting with the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War 1 and the remodeling of the Middle East by the west, this film looks at the historical influences in modern Islamic terrorism and specifically the attack on America of 9/11.
Rostros sin Voz 9/11/03 La historia de cuatro mujeres mejicanas que pierden a sus maridos tras el atentado del World Trade Center, pero que por su condición de inmigrantes ilegales, no dispusieron de ningunas de las vías legales para ayudarlas sobrellevar la tragedia. 
Saint of 9/11 4/25/06 Story of a fire department chaplain killed at the WTC.
Saving the Twin Towers 9/13/06 International experts conduct an experiment to investigate the events of 9/11/01. 
Seconds From Disaster 9/04 Pentagon 9/11 - terrorists fly American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon, killing 189 people. 45 mins. Scan
Secret History of 9/11 9/10/06 A chronicle of the secret war against Al Qaeda waged by the White House, the CIA and the FBI, beginning with the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Richard Clarke, Mike Scheuer, Gary Schroen, Tim Duffy, Tom Kean, Ben Slivey, Karen Hughes, James Steinberg. 
September's Children 9/10/04 PBS program narrated by Jane Woodruff. Brings to life the searing events of September 11th through the eyes of students at Public School 234 in New York City, the elementary school closest to Ground Zero.
Sierra Club Chronicles - 9/11 Forgotten Heroes 2/5/08 A look at rescuers who responded to the World Trade Center attacks and the health problems they have suffered from the hazards at Ground Zero. Mike McCormack, Hugh B. Kaufman, John Feal, John S. Ferazo, Marvin Bethea, Suzanne Mattei, Dr. Stephen Levin, Carolyn B. Maloney #101
Spirit of New York 9/11/06 The courage, compassion, strength, hope and determination of New Yorkers after 9/11.
Spirit of the Wild 9/12/05 Military 9/11 Tribute and Handgun Hunt with Ted Nugent.
Stairwell: Trapped in the World Trade Center 2002 A firefighter would give their life to save that of a stranger. Imagine what one would do for a friend.
Stranded Yanks: A Diary Between Friends 2002 On 9/11/01, 252 international flights carrying nearly 44,000 dazed and frightened passengers were suddenly grounded in Canada. Most were Americans who were supposed to be headed home. Shares the harrowing and heartwarming days that followed, when strangers became neighbors and a friendship between nations grew even stronger.
Telling Nicholas 5/19/02 The story of a 7-year-old boy who lost his mother in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, and how his family coped with the loss in the first 10 days after the tragedy.
Terrorists Among Us - The Jihad in America 1994 This PBS documentary was produced by investigative reporter Steven Emerson after the WTC bombing in 1993. The documentary was recently updated following 9/11. 
Thomas L. Friedman Reporting 3/03 Searching for the Roots of 9/11 - The roots of Muslim rage; mistrust toward America.
Through a Child's Eyes: September 11, 2001 1/03 HBO award winning film. Children of varying ages, religions and backgrounds share their thoughts on a national tragedy.
Tiger Cruise 8/6/04 Disney Channel movie is a fictional story inspired by actual events on what happened aboard the USS Constellation during 9/11. 88 min
Tom Brokaw Reports - The Skies Over America 9/9/06 9/11 Controllers: Air traffic controllers who handled the hijacked planes on Sept. 11 discuss their struggle to contain the terror plot. Tom Roberts, Mike Blake, Pete Sullusky, Leno Martin, John Hartling, Kurt Applegate, Mark Dedna, Dave Bottaglia, Dan Dagastino, Greg Callahan, Rick Tepper, Bob Barcatarane, John Ricardi, Dean Rocapelli, Stacy Taylor.
Trapped in the Towers: The Elevators of 9/11 9/9/06 People who were trapped in elevators before the fall of the WTC tell their harrowing stories with Alan Mann, Chris Young, Carmen & Arturo Griffith, Jim Dwyer, Dennis Cauchon, George Phoenix, John Salvas, John Menville, Judy Martin, Sivan Iyer. 45 mins
Twists of Fate: Stories from 9/11 9/11/05 CNN - There are stories of loss and anguish, and there are also, sadly, stories of greed. But in it all, there are stories of comfort and hope, and in the simple irony of fate, stories from 9/11, stories like Elise O'Keane's.
The Unexplained - Psychic Children 4/15/07 Their Sixth Sense - Profiling psychic children and twins, including Madison Smith who felt 9/11 and identical twins Linda and Terry Jamison, who predicted terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Washington, D.C., during an appearance on a radio show in 1999, but said it would happen in 2002. AKA Mediums: We See Dead People II. 45 mins
United 93 4/28/06 Directed by Paul Greengrass. Dramatizes the events that took place aboard Flight 93 before it crashed into a Pennsylvanian field. DVD release 9/5/06 Poster Stub
Up From Zero 2002 U.S. Department of Labor documentary that pays tribute to the brave men and women of the NYC building trades who put themselves on the line on 9/11/01 and for nine months afterward to reclaim Ground Zero.
A Vision of Hope 2002 American Bible Society hands out mini Bibles at Ground Zero. Tonya Hart, Dr. Eugene Habecker, Geral Sillcock, Carlos Aviles, Nina Carlson, Jamie Gigantiello, David Cook, Neil Wain, Sal Emma, Karmen Wynick, Mary Mick, Joseph Pagan, Bob Ybarra.
A Wedding Story 2003 Aisha Bauman & Pat Ricca - New York City firefighter's ceremony, postponed because of 9/11, goes ahead a year later on 9/27/02. Those who died are also honored. Fire Commissioner Joseph Bruno married them. They work at Engine 212 & 224 in Brooklyn.
When God is Hiding 8/11/06 Philip Yancey, beginning with the tragedy of 9/11 and the World Trade Towers, explores why tragic events happen in our lives and in our world.
Witness 9/11 2005 The World Trade Center attacks are seen through the eyes of six New Yorkers, whose cameras captured the devastating events on Sept. 11. Interviews with people who provided video footage for the History Channel special 102 Minutes That Changed America.
Witnessing: A Democracy of Photographs 9/11/06 MSNBC special on the NY exhibit of the same name which features 1000s of photographs taken by regular people that have to do with 9/11 and it's aftermath.
World Trade Center 8/9/06 Based on the true story of two Port Authority officers trapped inside the ruble of the towers. Directed by Oliver Stone. Poster Stub 
World Trade Center - Anatomy of a Collapse: Learning From 9/11 2/6/02 The Learning Channel special goes into the history of the WTC from its initial conception to its construction through the first WTC attack on in 1993 to the infamous attack that finally brought the massive towers down on that fateful September morning. World Trade Center  AKA Lessons From 9/11 DVD Cover
The World Trade Center - A Modern Marvel 9/01 After 9/11 was renamed: "WTC In Memoriam". This new production from The History Channel was filmed just months before the towers' tragic demise and was subsequently enriched with heartfelt reflection from host Harry Smith. With Roger Mudd, Harry Smith, John L. Tishman, Eric Darton, Angus Gillespie, Alan Beiss, Frank A. Demartini, Roko Camaj, Carol Willis, Andrew S. Polikart, Henry J. Guthard, Kip Serota, William A. Faschan, Max Raphael. AKA Ground Zero America DVD Cover
The World Trade Center: Rise and Fall of an American Icon 9/2/02 The physical height and symbolic stature of the towers make them the perfect target for terrorists.
W.T.C. 9-11: Stories From the Ruins 9/11/04 A shelter for jet airplanes at JFK becomes a shrine for the relics of a national tragedy. 
WTC 9/11/01 Day of Disaster 1/1/02 Exclusive video taken immediately after the fall of the Twin Towers. Listen to the radio traffic. See incredible fire conditions, watch as firefighters and rescuers regroup and begin the rescue operation! DVD Cover
WTC - The First 24 Hours 2002 Documents ground zero in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the WTC on 9/11/01 with raw and powerful honesty. Intentionally devoid of any commentary or music, the images speak for themselves. DVD Cover
WTC Uncut 9/02 While the towers burn, the soundtrack chronicles the events following 9/11. Included are live radio coverage of the attack, interviews of a wide array of New Yorkers, firefighters' funerals and other memorials, the first baseball game after the tragedy, the cleanup of Ground Zero, its transformation into a tourist attraction and much more.
Zero Hour - The Last Hour of Flight 11 2004 History Channel show giving a minute by minute account of the 1st plane to hit the WTC. Aired on A&E 1/30/06 as The Last Hour of Flight 11
180 Total    


Interesting trivia about the WTC.

  1. The first building opened in 1973, the final building of the 7 opened in 1987.

  2. They were the tallest buildings in the world for their first year.

  3. Had 2 Hotels.

  4. Had 2 train stations.

  5. Had 6 basement levels.

  6. 7 buildings made up the WTC.

  7. 8 floors were for technical services.

  8. Each floor had an acre of office space.

  9. Concrete floors were 11 inches thick.

  10. Covered 16 acres. The dirt excavated on the site created Battery Park City.

  11. The Port Authority Cafeteria was on the 43rd floor.

  12. Each tower had 110 floors.

  13. Length and width was 208 feet by 208 feet.

  14. Had 99 elevators in each building.

  15. Had 240 vertical steel columns around the outside of the building.

  16. The antennae on the North Tower was 300 feet high.

  17. The North Tower was 1,368 feet high.

  18. The South Tower was 1,362 feet high.

  19. Architect Minoru Yamasaki who designed the buildings died in 1986.

  20. Had its own ZIP Code: 10048.

  21. Had 10,000 dampers to withstand the wind.

  22. Had enough air conditioners to cool 15,000 houses.

  23. 50,000 people worked there every day.

  24. 200,000 people a day entered the buildings.

  25. Each tower had 3.8 million feet of office space.

  26. The observation deck was on top of the South Tower.

  27. The Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th floor of the North Tower was the most successful restaurant in the country.

Inspired By

Title Year Notes
48 Hours Mystery - A Time to Kill 11/3/07 The disappearance of a mom the day after 9/11 is investigated. Because so many police were down at Ground Zero the case was hard to get started. Has 9/11 footage.
60 Minutes - Tuesday's Children 9/10/06 Bridgette & Kyle Fisher, Brielle Sarasini, Shannon & Tom Fergus, Amy Gardner, Zack Lion
Baby Story 2006 Baby Nazario-Hilbert - Julie, a single mother who lost her husband on 9/11 remarries and is soon pregnant with her second child. 
Backstage with Barry Nolan 9/11/08 Former CNN reporter Aaron Brown reflects on covering 9/11. 4 mins 
Brief History of Disbelief 5/07 Shadows of Doubt - the religious implications of 9/11 #101 
Building the Ultimate - Safety Squads 2004 Mentions the loss of fire trucks at the WTC
Current Presents 9-11-08 9/11/08 Terry Sacchi & Raul Reitano interviews people in NY taxis on 9/11/01, Cosmo Perrone & Sgt. Julip Mela talk about security at the Port of Long Beach, CA, Brian K. Vaughn & Tony Harris
Deal or No Deal  1/2/08 9/11 survivor Will Jimeno from New Jersey takes his shot at $1 million. 
Ebert & Roeper 8/12/06 Guest host Kevin Smith reviews World Trade Center #2051. 
Entertainment Tonight 8/4/06 New York premiere of World Trade Center #6495
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition 2/11/07 Thomas Family Part 1. The family of a 9/11 hero, Jason Thomas, have a home built for them by Ty and his team while they vacation at Walt Disney World. Ty also travels to Ground Zero to meet John McLoughlin & Will Jimeno
Fox News Sunday 10th Anniversary 4/27/06 Politics after 9/11
Friends 9/01 After 9/11 they stopped issuing tickets to the general public.
Good Morning America 8/23/06 America's Camp: Turning Tears to Laughter. A camp for children affected by 9/11.
Hannity’s America 1/07 The Path to 9/11 Deleted Scenes with Cyrus Nowrasteh & Michael Scheuer
Hero Ships - USS New York 2008 The construction of the still incomplete ship with a bow forged from the steel of the World Trade Center is shown.
I Love the New Millennium 6/23/08 For 2001 they end the show with a discussion of how people came together after 9/11 especially with sports.
Inked 2005 Traditional and Tributes - Josh tattoos a tribute for Sean who lost a firefighter friend on 9/11 #21
Jag 4/1/03 Second Acts - Harm and Turner investigate when a woman recognizes a Navy Seabee hero (Bruce Ramsay) on TV as her husband's former business partner, who she believed died in the World Trade Center along with her spouse. She confronts him when he returns to America learning he gave up his name and took his dead friend's name because of survivor guilt. He's tried and found guilty, but is allowed to come back under his own name.
John Edward Cross Country 11/3/07 Evolving - Char Margolis - she does a reading for a couple whose firefighter son Michael Kiefer died on 9/11. #209
John Edward Cross Country 9/6/08 Heroes - Farmingdale, NY - Fireman Robert killed on 9/11 and his son Bobby killed himself 5 years later. #302
Larry King Live 4/28/06 United 93 Movie - interviews with David Alan Basche, David Beamer, Deena Burnett, Christian Clemenson, Sandy Dahl, Sgt. Anthony Deluca, Alice Hogland, Kevin Huzsek, Cheyenne Jackson & Lisa Jefferson
Law & Order - The Ring 11/6/02 A diamond ring identifies the skeletal remains of a murder victim who was believed killed in the World Trade Center collapse.
Lessons From 9/11 9/11/08 Kent Manahan introduces Tom Kean's speech on how to teach 9/11.28 mins
Making of Oliver Stone's World Trade Center 12/2/06 With Oliver Stone, Nicholas Cage, Michael Pena, Will Jimeno, John McLoughlin, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Scott Strauss
Miami Ink - Goodbye Freedom 4/4/06 Garver tattoos an image of the World Trade Center on skateboarder Harold Hunter. #20
Paula Zahn Now 9/06 Voices of 9/11: Sally Regenhard, Leo Andreacchio, Yvette Washington-Montagne
President George W. Bush's Speech 9/11/01 Live on the night of the attacks.
President George W. Bush's Speech 9/20/01 Live in front of congress - We will not tire, we will not falter, we will not fail.
President George W. Bush's Speech 9/16/06 For the 5th anniversary
Rise of the Videogame 12/5/07 Level Three: 9/11s effect on games is discussed 
Scarborough Country 9/11/06 Hunt for Bin Laden - Lisa Myers, Roger Cressey, Bernard Karik's Story, Hollywood - Katrina Szish, Laurence O'Donnell, JFK Hangar of WTC Remains - Jon Ramirez
Shooting Cars - World Trade Center 9/27/06 Vehicles are provided for the film. #11002.
The States - New York 2002 A brief history of the state that covers the WTC.
Sunday Morning Shootout 8/6/06 Oliver Stone discusses his upcoming feature World Trade Center. #107
Third Watch 5/6/02 Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days - Taylor learns that her father's body has been recovered from the World Trade Center site eight months after the attack.
Twin Towers of the East 2003 Examining the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. The towers are nearly 1500 feet tall and were designed by architect Cesar Pelli. 
United 93 PPV Story 11/06 Paul Greengrass
United 93 PPV Family 11/06 Kenny Natke/Allison Vadhan/Sandy Felt/Lyzbeth Glick
World Trade Center Mtv Movie Special 7/28/06 Q&A with Oliver Stone, Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña & Will Jimeno
40 total    


Music, songs & lyrics inspired by the events of September 11th, 2001

Artist/Song Year Select Lyrics
Cher - Song for the Lonely 2/02 When you're standing on the edge of nowhere
There's only one way up so your heart's got to go there
Through the darkest night
See the light shine bright
When heroes fall in love or war they live forever
Sammy Hagar - Things've Changed 2002 At least partially inspired. I think the line "you just gotta roll" is a nod to Todd Beamer's Let's Roll. In the music video as he's driving when he gets to "My World's been changed" there is a a Spanish newspaper on the seat of his car showing the 9/11 attacks and it cuts to a partially burned little American flag flying from his radio antenna.
Pick up the pieces
Take a look around you
Yeah, sometimes you just gotta roll
Yeah, roll with it, baby
Pick up the pieces and roll
Things have changed
Yeah, things have changed
You know, I'd like to say it's still the same, but
Things have changed
Yeah, and I'll raise up my hands and pray
But I'll never get back to yesterday
I’d like to say it's still the same, but
Things have changed
My World's been changed
I want things to stay the same, but
Things have changed
Alan Jackson - Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) 2001 Where were you when the world stopped turnin'
that September day?
Out in the yard with your wife and children;
Or working on some stage in L.A.?
Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke
Rising against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger in fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?
Toby Keith - Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American) 2002 Now this nation that I love has fallen under attack
A mighty sucker punch came flying in from somewhere in the back
Soon as we could see clearly through our big, black eye
Man, we'll light up your world like the 4th of July

Uncle Sam put your name at the top of his list
And the Statue of Liberty started shaking her fist
And the eagle will fly and its gonna be hell
When you hear Mother Freedom start ringing her bell
And it'll feel like the whole wide world is raining down on you
Brought to you courtesy of the red, white, and blue

Justice will be served and the battle will rage
This big dog will fight when you rattle his cage
You'll be sorry that you messed with the US of A
Cause we'll put a boot in your ass it's the American way

John Tesh - God in the Stairwell 2003 From a poem by Stacey Randall
You say you will never forget where you were when you heard the news on September 11, 2001. Neither will I.
Aaron Tippin - Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly 11/01 There's a lady that stands in a harbor
for what we believe
And there's a bell that still echoes the price
that it costs to be free
Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten? 4/03 Have you forgotten how it felt that day
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away?
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell

Have you forgotten all the people killed?
Some went down like heroes in that Pennsylvania field
Have you forgotten about our Pentagon?
All the loved ones that we lost
And those left to carry on

My Reviews

World Trade Center - When it was first announced that Oliver Stone was making a 9/11 film many people were worried. Would this be another over the top conspiracy film? Thankfully he came out right away and said there was no way he would do anything like that. He was born in New York and was really affected that his home was attacked. That was great to hear. What could a top director make from this story? While the content of United 93 was great, it was so poorly made, so badly filmed, that a quality director is needed for a film of this size. When George Clooney was announced as a choice for the lead another red flag went up. When Nicholas Cage got the part it was better news, but still worrisome. No matter what I was going to go and am so glad I did.
    It's weird going into a film like this, not because off the bogus argument that it's too soon or any of that nonsense that people spout to cover up their true feelings that they aren't interested in the film, can't handle it or don't care, but because I know the beginning and the end of the movie. This mystery is what connects the two parts.
    Anyone who thinks it's another 9/11 recreation is wrong. There is nothing about the terrorists murders or the attacks themselves. It's a view from the eyes of the cops who see what happens and go to the scene.
    I've never been a fan of Nicholas Cage, believing he only ever got jobs because of his famous director uncle and not seeing him do anything that stood out to me in any way. Here he did do such a great job, because he gives a low key performance and just goes along like an everyman and the rest of the time he's on his side in the dirt so it makes it easier to forget it's him which is great.
I had never seen Pena before and he did a great job. I guess it would be easier to say that all the actors did a great job. The wives, the family, were all so real.
    I knew some of the story of the two men, but certainly not all of it. Either way, it doesn't prepare you for how powerful it is. You will learn something new about 9/11 from this film.
    I don't have any real complaints about the film. One very minor thing is when they used sweeping shots to get the WTC in with the actors it was obvious they were inserted, because they have to be, but the buildings looked flat, like they had no depth. Also I would've liked a bit of a timeline with maybe the time appearing in the corner at key times. Everything seems to happen faster than it should've because they got there very fast, then the building seemed to come down soon after. Since it can't be done in real time it throws everything together. Plus there was no definite time of how long they were buried. Though it isn't important, it would've been better to know. Only on further research I learned they got trapped at 10am. 13 hours later Will was pulled out and 9 hours after John was pulled out.
    The greatest scenes are some of the most touching/moving/horrible - when the second building collapses and kills Dominck initially survived and was trying to save Will, when the fire balls rain down on them while they are trapped and there's nothing they can do but scream, when Dominck's gun goes off and there's nothing they can do, when the wives are awaiting word of the fate of the husbands and every call or appearance by a fellow policeman could mean good or bad news. When Will remembers the argument he had with his wife about naming his unborn daughter. He and his wife decide to let the other have their way thinking they'll never see each other again. When Allison decides she can't wait around by the phone any longer and goes to the store, then at the store she doesn't know what she's doing there and wants to get back by the phone. Then on the way out at a red light she loses it and gets out of the car and walks. When Donna is just in shock the whole time until the black woman in the waiting room tells of her son the elevator operator and how the last thing she said tom him was that she yelled at him and Donna breaks down and cries for the first time. She tries to thank her, but can't get out the words. When Allison goes to the hospital and is told to go to a waiting room that is just filled with the agony of people waiting to hear about their loved ones. When a nurse vacuums out Will's mouth to get all the rocks and dirt out. When Karnes won't leave sight of Will and says you are my mission and doesn't even give out his first name because he's not looking for glory. When Karnes says he's going to reenlist because someone will have to avenge this. When Will says to cut off his leg to save John quicker and the fireman tells him it wouldn't matter, John is 20 feet lower than him. When Will is pulled out of the hole and carried out and asks where the buildings are and a fireman says, "they are gone kid." When John is pulled out and the line of fireman and rescue workers go down the rubble seemingly extending for miles and John thanks as many as he can. After Allison sees Will and knows he's alive and is so relieved, then sees all the homemade posters of the people who are missing outside and knows there are people in worse pain than she is. At the end when all the subways and ferries that were full in the morning return home empty. These simple scenes say it all - many people are not coming home.
    The most moving, disturbing and best line in the film to me is right near the end after John and Will are pulled out Scott Strauss says, "There are 1000s of people in there. Where are they?" Knowing what we know now, that over half of the dead were never found, not even a piece, this is powerful. The best part the entire movie is almost all true as told by the men who were there. Even cooler is the actual rescuers were used in the scene of pulling John out of the hole and carrying him along.
    I read many reviews who said there was no Oliver Stone in the film. To me this misses the point. You shouldn't go into this film looking for director's trademarks or anything. You are not seeing the latest "Oliver Stone film" because it isn't something he developed from scratch. Someone else wrote it and it's a true story, so he's more like a documentarian here. You go in to see a great movie and when you get a great movie it's because of the director, that's real testament to who made the film.
    Learning that John had to be put into a coma for 6 weeks so they could perform 27 surgeries on him means that it was easier for the family when he was just trapped. That didn't last a day, but for 6 weeks his family didn't know if he would survive. In the end when the text appears for the afterward it really says it all. This truly was a World Trade Center - people from 87 countries were killed that day. The terrorists didn't care who they killed, just how many. It was an attack on the world and if people can't see why that evil is worth fighting, they are blind by choice. A poll came out the week the film was released where 30% of Americans couldn't remember the year 9/11 took place, this proves that the stories of 9/11 need to be told and need to be told fast. Otherwise if there is some horrible attack in the future that kills more people, like the plan to blow up British planes over America that came out the same week of the film, then like the 1993 WTC bombing, 9/11 would become a footnote in the war on terror.
    See the film no matter what. It doesn't seem right to say "you'll be glad you did", but it is an uplifting story and in the end you are so happy and proud of the all the men involved that it will put a smile on your face and make you feel good. The film ends two years later at a BBQ picnic to thank all the rescuers. This came from when Scott said you are going to thank me by throwing us all a BBQ when they were rescuing them in the hole. It is touching and ends with John saying there was a lot of evil that day, but there was also good.

Rating: 10/10

United 93 - I'll get the bad stuff out of the way first. This is THE worst camerawork ever seen on a big screen film. It's what I call "Piñata Filmmaking". Think of the camera on a string getting pulled all over the place. This is OK in short bursts during action scenes, but not every second of the film. When people are talking there is this thing missing called EDITING. One camera on one person talking, then cut to the second camera of the next guy talking, not whipping the camera all around to each person with no cuts. Unfortunately this is the fault of reality TV and it's now spilled over to filmmaking and it's a damn shame. I can't imagine any legendary director like Stanley Kubrick or Alfred Hitchcock ever doing this, let alone sitting through a film like this without walking out. The only solution I have found is to just look at the center of the screen, otherwise, you'll get a headache.
    On to the film. This is the third film on the subject, but the first two were made for cable, so they will never get the exposure of a big screen film, which is a shame, since for the most part, those are better. Flight 93 was a raw, emotional wreck of a ride. We learn about each passenger, every heartbreaking phone call that was made and what was said by both sides. By the end we've gotten to know them and live through and with them. We know they way the film will end, but some bizarre hope is that they plane pulls up and they are able to safely land. I would like to see one passenger have a dream sequence of that happening, just to see it on film. The Flight that Fought Back is like a real time version of the flight, almost a documentary.
    United 93 takes a different path. The first half of the film is about how Air Traffic Controllers and NORAD learned about what happened and what they did. The problem is things happened so fast and since no one every experienced a situation like this, they didn't know what to do. Who would? At first glance this seems a bit annoying, the film is called United 93 after all. It's not 9/11. But what is serves to do is provide a timeline that you might not have ever considered. Flight 93 actually was delayed 45 minutes at Newark, so by the time it was going, all 3 other attacks already happened. It was all over by the time 93 was hijacked. So this allows the passengers to be the first people in the world to fight back in a post 9/11 world. The first 3 planes had no idea what was happening in the world around them. If this plane took off on time it too would've been crashed without a chance of stopping it.
    Unlike Flight 93, this film makes no attempt to get to know the passengers. If you want a film with a background on all of them, this isn't it. No one is introduced and while the phone calls are made, they aren't shown from both sides. We hear passengers learn about the attacks on the World Trade Center and then The Pentagon. They realize it's a suicide mission and something, anything has to be done. No votes are taken, no counting of hands. Just get anything you can as a weapon and go. Here Mark Bingham grabs a fire extinguisher, Thomas Burnett makes the most phone calls and is basically the leader. Todd Beamer is more of a minor character here and is more impatient. His famous line is rendered to something smaller, "let's roll already." It is not played for maximum impact as it could've been. In the previous film the stewardesses boil water for weapons on the food cart. Here it is talked about, but they go after the man with the fake bomb, take him down and then go for the hijacker by the cockpit door. He uses a food cart to defend himself and then they take it from him after killing him and use it to bring the cockpit door down. The cockpit is stormed but it is too low to stop it from crashing. The plan was to take the hijackers out and get the one man who had pilot experience into the cockpit to fly the plane. He ominously tells them they are so low that they'll have to get them out fast as there's no time to pull up. They get in and attack the two men left. Zihad refuses to give up and he pushes the yoke down as they try to pull him off. Before the plane crashes, the screen goes black. Then text appears. No other images are shown.
    Because of all this it's more a film of strength, determination and anger. We are more of a fly on the wall like we are on the plane too, then getting the whole picture from all sides. There is no gut wrenching sadness when Jeremy Glick is saying goodbye to his wife and saying he loves his 3 month old child. That puts a history of what they lost that day. This film makes you absolutely despise the hijackers and revel in them being taken out brutally. At the end there is no crying, there is anger at our enemies and what they did to us and determination to keep fighting them. Surprisingly the most emotional part of the film is when the second plane hits the World Trade Center since we know what is going to happen. Even though we've seen it before, the impact is still as brutal as ever.
    There are no name actors here which is perfect. There is no attachment to any face which I think  will hurt Oliver Stone's WTC film. Many of the controllers were the actual people from 9/11, so that makes it even more real. 
    One interesting thing they made up for the film is that Zihad, the terrorist pilot, puts a picture of the US Capitol on the yoke. They also have the other terrorists wondering what's going on, why is waiting too long, they make it seem like he lost his nerve. This also lead to the plane taking too long to get to the target.  The other things is the last words on the flight recorder are spoken by Alan Beaven who saw "turn up." He was from New Zealand and that was the equivalent of saying pull up in American English. So we know they were there and they got the plane back, but it was just too late, they didn't have enough room to pull up. This was not covered in the film.
    A lot of people whine that "it's too soon" to have a film like this because they don't want to have to deal with 9/11. They put it out of their mind and buried their feelings. They actually get angry if you force them to remember it. This real question is "is it too late?" 

Rating 6.5/10

Nine Innings from Ground Zero - Ever since I became an adult I had no interest and saw no need for pro sports. Since I'll watch anything about 9/11 and this from was a different angle than dealing with the attacks, I thought it could be interested.. I was amazed by this film. It is gripping, powerful and moving as it details the Yankees post season game play in a 9/11 world. Baseball gave New Yorkers a reason to be happy again and to forget their troubles, only if for a few hours. Then on the way home they would see the work still going at Ground Zero and be brought back to reality. The flag found at the WTC even flew in the outfield, players wore NY FD & PD hats on the field. The hated Yankees had finally become beloved by the country. Interviews with all the major players from the Yankees and the Diamondbacks who played them in the world series are included, also Rudy Giuliani, George Bush, Ari Fleischer, Curtis Sliwa and more. It details the exciting wins at Yankee Stadium where the place literally shook with excitement. Also rare footage of the president behind the scenes as he prepared to throw the first pitch including having a secret service agent dressed up on the field as an umpire for extra security. He talks about it in an interview how Derek Jeter said not to throw from in front of the mound or to bounce the ball or he'd get booed. He signs autographed balls and jokes he promised never to go to a world series unless it was the Texas Rangers, but he made an exception. It is also funny how he said that made him nervous, not anything else going on in the world. He had nothing to worry about as he threw a perfect strike. It's more impressive when you realize he has a jacket and a bullet proof vest on. It also showed the heartache as 9/11 families went out to Arizona for the final game 7 that the Yankees lost. Even though it's a baseball film, it's really not about baseball, it's about healing. At 1 hour this documentary is short and sweet and captures a great spirit of the time that is far beyond gone at this point. 

Rating: 9.5/10

9/11/04 Twin Towers of Light

Composite of the height of the lights, notice the size of the buildings at the bottom

I made the pilgrimage to NYC on 9/11/04 to see the twin towers of light as I have wanted to see them in person since they first turned them on. As I drove in from the west I could see a light hitting the clouds almost 50 miles away from NYC. I thought it might be the lights and was right. Even from 20 miles away it looks just like a solid beam of light. It isn't until you get a few miles away do you see the lights split into two. I went to Liberty State Park to get the best possible view without having to fight the tunnel traffic and outrageous parking prices in the city. Even better was that they opened up the parking lot for free and it wasn't overly crowded. When you walk toward the lights at the same level it is amazing to see how they could take such a place of such sorrow and turn it into something so beautiful. There were many 100s of people there of all ages and walks of life photographing, videotaping or just staring at it. Some sat with candles and just looked at the beauty and were alone with their memories. The blue lights go up and meet  about a mile up and continue to extend miles into the sky. Many of us have seen pictures of the lights, but that doesn't even begin to capture the moment. You can't see it all in a photo - it must be seen in person. It takes almost a full 10 seconds to follow the lights up to where they meet the clouds. The most startling thing is how all kinds of bugs and dust are attracted to the massive lights and they float and blow through the air making the lights look like they are alive and sparkling. It is breathtaking.  If you walk as far as you can where the ferries go out you can look at the lights with the river in front of you. The reflection on the water rippling heads toward you and looks awesome. It expands the lights into two directions.  Everyone should make the pilgrimage next year in case the lights are turned off forever.

Ground Zero Today

WTC on the surrounding fence
WTC Train Path Station Subway Sign
WTC Path Station

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